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Laser Cutting in UAE

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Arch and Art offers high-quality metal and acrylic laser cutting services in Abu Dhabi. With modern machinery and equipment, we ensure precise cuts without compromising on quality. We also provide acrylic engraving and etching services to meet our clients' demands.

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Warehouse No 2, Near Emirates Glass Co., Al Quoz 4Dubai, UAE 3285
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Shed 4, Al Rostamani Warehouse, 7th Street, Ras Al KhorDubai, UAE 78346
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Hassan Bin Haitam St, New Industrial AreaAjman, UAE 12896
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B-506, Bel Rasheed Twin Tower, Al Qusais Indl Area 3Dubai, UAE 127616
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Warehouse 6, Opp Etisalat Warehouse, Ras Al Khor 1Dubai, UAE 118178
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Warehouse No 02, Plot No 09, Block No 14, M-45, Musaffah Industrial AreaAbu Dhabi, UAE 91082
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Shop 2, Near ADCB Building, Maliha Road, Industrial Area 2Sharjah, UAE 172081
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Emirates Modern Industrial AreaUmm Al Quwain, UAE
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Near Karachi Palace Restaurant, Industrial Area 2Ajman, UAE 16615
About Laser Cutting

CNC Laser Cutters in Dubai

Listed here with us are the top CNC laser-cutting machine suppliers. They offer high-quality laser cutters for crafts, small workshops and education. they supply four different models of CNC laser cutters. They are

  • Compact CO2 Laser Cutters
  • Free Standing CNC Laser Cutters
  • Large Format Cutting System
  • Metal/ Non-metal Lasers
Feature/TypeDesktop Laser CutterPro Series Laser CutterMCUT Metal/Non-Metal Laser CutterLarger Format Laser Cutter
Size and PortabilityCompact, portableLarger, less portableMedium to large, less portableLarge, stationary
Material CapabilityMostly non-metal (e.g., wood, plastic)Metals and non-metalsBoth metals and non-metalsPrimarily large metal and non-metal sheets
Power and PrecisionLower power, fine precisionHigh power, high precisionHigh power, variable precisionHigh power, designed for large scale projects
Intended UseHobbyist, small-scale projectsProfessional, industrial applicationsVersatile for various materialsIndustrial, large-scale production
Popular Brands in DubaiEpilog, GlowforgeTrumpf, AmadaMCUT, TrotecBystronic, Mazak

Industrial Laser Engraving Suppliers

Industrial laser engraving machines are specifically designed for engraving and cutting. These industrial laser engraving machines can be reverse customised at the surface level. Colour rendering and consistency across the production batch are the most sought-after features and the listed suppliers enable you to commit to total safety.

Precision Laser Cutting Services

Experience highly accurate precision cutting services that can custom cut the sheets of metals and polymers. They help to create bespoke foils accurately to the desired size and thickness. With precision cutting services, bespoke custom gaskets are produced in a wide range. They can laser cut up to 12mm of steel, 6mm of aluminium, Copper 3mm, Brass 3mm and Stainless steel 8mm.

Fiber Laser Machines Suppliers

Fiber laser machines are becoming more and more popular in many types of businesses. They are used in car making, building planes, making electronics, and developing medical devices. These machines are great for cutting metal parts very precisely, which helps make accurate designs fast and in an efficient way.

Laser Cutting Technology in Dubai

Automation is the future of laser cutting and is already here and has hit the market. The entire automated machine comes as a plug-and-play. Get Automated

Laser Equipment from the listed suppliers. Some of the laser-cutting applications include Acrylic Cutting and Engraving, Award & Trophy Engraving, Barcode Laser Engraving System, CO2 Metal Marking Spray, Devices and Electronics, Education: Schools, Universities, and Fablabs, Fabric & Textiles Engraving and Glass Etching.

Laser cutting in UAE is used to accurately cut various materials such as acrylic, cardstock, wood and textiles. During the cutting process, a computer directs the output of high power laser to the material to be cut. The material burns, melts or vaporises, resulting in a high quality finish. As laser cutting is a non-contact process, there is no need to change blades. Laser cutting is useful in producing sign works, displays, specialised products, entrances and trade exhibits. Laser cutting machines employ software programme to produce materials with crisp and accurate edges. This process is considered to be safer than the conventional cutting process.

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