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Steam Hoses And Assemblies in UAE

About Steam Hoses And Assemblies

Steam hoses and assemblies are designed to handle saturated and superheated steam at extreme temperature. They convey steam below a temperature of 160 degree Celsius and are designed to operate under extreme climatic conditions. Steam hose manufacturers use a high-quality rubber with reinforced layers for added support. They also use braided steel wires which are resistant to heat and high pressure. Steam hoses and assemblies are used in steam cleaning applications and stem hammering applications. They are also used in vulcanizing machines, injection moulding machines, hot pressing equipment and other similar industrial equipment. They are highly durable, resistant to extreme, weather, high pressure and corrosion. They are lightweight, flexible, possess high tensile strength and exhibits good anti-destructive performance.

Steam hoses and assembly manufacturers use PTFE steam hoses which are commonly used in the mechanical industry, electronic field and chemical industries. They are also used in aviation industries, aerospace industries and marine and warfare applications. They can withstand a dense flow of steam at a temperature of 300-degree Celsius. There are two main types of PTFE steam hoses which are natural smooth bore hoses and convoluted PTFE steam hoses. The natural smooth bore PTFE steam hoses are strong enough to work at a temperature ranging between -360 degrees Fahrenheit to positive 550 degrees Fahrenheit. These hoses are built with an inner PTFE tube that is braided with stainless steel in the outer layer. The Convoluted PTFE hose is similar to the natural smooth bore PTFE system but is larger in diameter. Steam hoses and assemblies also include a steel wire braided steam hose assembly which is commonly used in vulcanizing machines and other industrial applications. A steel wire braided steam hose made up of a high-quality heat resistant synthetic rubber which is lightweight, durable and high in tensile strength.

Steam hoses and assemblies are used as connectors in different types of equipment as they are known for their flexible nature. They are easy to assemble but must be assembled professionally by an assembly engineer. Due to their sleek design they can be fit in small areas and used in constricted spaces. Steam hose assembly manufacturers use different colour codes on steam hoses which represent their maximum pressure tolerance. Steam hose assembly manufacturers also supply different types of industrial hoses such as water hose, hot water hose, beverage and food hose, air hose, ventilation hose, material handling hose, oil transmission hose and chemical hose. Some popular locations to find steam hoses and assemblies in the UAE are Deira, Sheikh Zayed road, Hamdan Street, Al Quasis, Al Quoz industrial area, Musaffah, Airport Road Abu Dhabi, Electra Street, SAIF zone, INdustrial area 13 Sharjah, Rolla, Naser square, Behind Eppco petrol station industrial area 5, Nadja Street and Silicon Oasis.