Prakash Trading Company

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Brands: A LP LIGHTING COMPONENTS INC Lighting and Lighting Controls | ABB A B C | ABB Automation & Switchgear Products | ABB Lighting and Lighting Controls | ABB Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Products | ABB LV Switchgear Panels & Industrial AutomationanDControl System | ABB-FIMER Solar Inverters | ABB-FIMER Solar Invertors | ADOLFO ALBA Lighting and Lighting Controls | AHEAD Low Voltage Switchgear | AL FANAR Low Voltage Switchgear | ALMONARD Industrial Fans and Ventilation System | ALMONARD IndustriaLVentilating Systems | APPLEBY Cable Management System | APPLEBY G I Adaptable Boxes & Back Boxes | AZZLIGHTING ATEX Certified Light Fixtures | BAJAJ Fans - Industrial and Commercial | BARDIC Emergency Lights | BARDIC Lighting and Lighting Controls | BELDEN Absolute Access Cable & Wire | BELDEN Cable & Wire | BELDEN Cable and Wire | BELDEN Communication Cables and Wires | BICON Cable Accessories | BICON Cable Glands, Lugs, Connectors, Joints and Tools | BICON Cable Management System | BRENNENSTUHL Cable Extension Reels & Accessories | BRENNENSTUHL Wiring Accessories | BRITS TIE UK Cable Management System | BRITS-TIE Cable Ties | CAPARO G I Conduits & Accessories & Stainless Steel Conduits & Accessories | CARAVAN Cable Management System | CARIBONI Lighting and Lighting Controls | CARIBONI Lighting System | CAVICEL Communication Cables and Wires | CEAG Cable Management System | CEAG Lighting and Lighting Controls | CELLPACK All Cable Joint | CELLPACK Cable Joint | CELLPACK ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Cable Management System | CHALMIT Lighting and Lighting Controls | CHIYODA Lamps and Lighting Components | COOPER Lighting and Lighting Controls | COPPER PLUS Communication Cables and Wires | COPPER PLUS Wire Products | COPPERPLUS Cables & Wires | CROMPTON GREAVES Low Voltage Switchgear | DAVIS Cable Management System | DAVIS Floor Boxesand Systems | DECODUCT All Cable Management Systems | DECODUCT CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Cable Management System | DELAB Low Voltage Switchgear | DELIXI Low Voltage Switchgear | DF ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | DOMINO LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | DUCAB Accessories Cable & Wires | DUCAB All Accessories Cable & Wires | DUCAB Communication Cables and Wires | DURATUBE Cables | DURATUBE Communication Cables and Wires | DURATUBE Wiring Accessories | EATON MEM Low Voltage Switchgear | EATON MEM Wiring Accessories | EFEN Low Voltage Switchgear | ELECTRONICON Low Voltage Switchgear | ELECTTRICO Wiring Accessories | ELETTRICO Industrial / Commercial Light Fittings | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Lighting and Lighting Controls | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Wiring Accessories | ELMEX Connectors & Terminals | ELMEX Low Voltage Switchgear | ESCALUXBYTEKNOWARE Emergency Lighting | EVERNAL Electric Fan | EVERNAL Fans - Exhaust | FAELLUCE Lighting and Lighting Controls | FIVEPLITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | FLEXICON Cable Management System | FLEXICON Flexible Conduit & Systems | FLEXICON Flexible Conduits | FRATER All Lighting | FRATER Lighting and Lighting Controls | FULHAM Electronic Ballast | FULHAM Lamps and Lighting Components | FURSE Earthing & Lightning Protection | GE Lamps and Lighting Components | GENERAL CAVI Communication Cables and Wires | GENTRIX Communication Cables and Wires | GENTRIX Low Voltage Switchgear | GENTRIX Wires & Wiring Accessories | GENTRIX Wiring Accessories | GERSAN Cable Management System | GEWISS Accessories | GEWISS Cable Management System | GEWISS Electrical Devices | GEWISS ElectricaLVehicle Charger | GEWISS Lighting and Lighting Controls | GEWISS Low Voltage Switchgear | GM Bells & Buzzers | HAGER AC B & D B | HAGER Lighting and Lighting Controls | HAGER Low Voltage Switchgear | HAGER Wiring Accessories | HAGER OR TEHALIT Cable Management System | HAVELLS Capacitors | HAVELLS POWERING LIVES Low Voltage Switchgear | HAWKE INTERNATIONAL Cable Management System | HELUKABEL All Cable & Wire | HELUKABEL Communication Cables and Wires | HELVAR Ballast | HELVAR Lamps and Lighting Components | HELVAR Lighting and Lighting Controls | HESS Communication Cables and Wires | HIMEL All Electrical Switchgear Components & Automation Products | HIMEL PVC Tapes - V I N I Tapes | HIMEL Wiring Accessories | HIOKI All Measuring Instruments | HITACHI Lamps and Lighting Components | ICAR TECHNOLOGY LOOKING Low Voltage Switchgear | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Emergency Lights | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Lighting and Lighting Controls | JANITZA ELECTRONIC Low Voltage Switchgear | JEAN MULLER Low Voltage Switchgear | JEDDAH CABLES COMPANY Communication Cables and Wires | KDK Air Moving Eqpt | KHIND All Electrical Accessories | KHIND Lighting and Lighting Controls | KILK Wiring Accessories | LAPPKABEL Cable & Wire | LEDVANCE L E D Lighting | LITHONIALIGHTING Industrial Light Fixtures | MARSHAL TUFFLEX Cable Management System | MARSHALLTUFFLEX Cable Management & System | MARUICHI Electric G I Conduit | MARUICHI STEEL TUBE LTD Cable Management System | MEMEATON Low Voltage Switchgear | METRO Cable Management System | METRO Flexible Wires | METRO Lighting and Lighting Controls | METRO Low Voltage Switchgear | METRO Wiring Accessories | NCI Communication Cables and Wires | NEO NEON Lighting and Lighting Controls | NEO-NEON L E D Lighting & Outdoor Lighting | NEXANS Communication Cables and Wires | NIPPEN Low Voltage Switchgear | NISSAD Cable Crimping & Cutting Toolsand Isolators | NISSAD Low Voltage Switchgear | NISSAD NDC Cable Management System | NORDEX Industrial and Commercial Light Fittings | NORDEX LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | NOVABLUE Cable Management & System | NOVABLUE Cable Management System | OMAN CABLES Communication Cables and Wires | OMANCABLES All ArmoreDCables & Wires | OMANCABLES ArmoreDCables & Wires | ONEELECTRICAL L E D Lighting | ORIENT Ceiling Fans & Domestic Fans | ORIENTAL COPPER Low Voltage Switchgear | OSRAM All Lamps & L E D Lighting | OSRAM Lamps and Lighting Components | PANASONIC Air Moving Eqpt | PHILIPS All Lamps & L E D Lighting | PHILIPS Lighting and Lighting Controls | PLYMOUTH Electrical Insulation Tapes | POLLMANN ELEKTROTECHNIK Low Voltage Switchgear | PRECISION Electrical PVC Conduit Systems | PRECISION PLASTIC INDUSTRIES Cable Management System | PRYSMIAN Cable Cleats | PRYSMIAN Communication Cables and Wires | PTC LITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | PTCLITE Electrical Eqpt | QUANTRAN SYSTEMS Lamps and Lighting Components | R R KABEL Flexible Cables and Building Wire | RAYCHEM Cable Management System | RAYCHEM H V Terminations & Joints | RAYCHEMRPG Cable Ties - Stainless Steel | RIMALUZ SL Lighting and Lighting Controls | RR KABEL Low Voltage Switchgear | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | SCHNEIDERELECTRIC LV Distribution & Power Control Systems | SCHRACK Low Voltage Switchgear | SCHRACK Measuring Instruments & Control Relay Components | SEB Cable Management System | SINAR Fluorescent Light Fittings | SINAR Lighting and Lighting Controls | SUPERLAN Communication Cables and Wires | TEKAB CO LTD Communication Cables and Wires | TELEGRON Low Voltage Switchgear | TOP CABLE Communication Cables and Wires | TOSHIBA Lamps & Tubes | TOSHIBA Lamps and Lighting Components | TRIDONIC Lighting Components | TRIDONIC ATCO Lighting Components | TRIDONIC ATCO Wiring Accessories | VENTILUX Lighting and Lighting Controls | VENTURE LIGHTING Lamps and Lighting Components | VINI TAPE Adhesive PVC Tapesfor Electric Insulation | VOSSLOH SCHWABE Lamps and Lighting Components | VOSSLOH-SCHWABE Lighting Accessories | WAROM ATEX Certified Light Fixtures | WILLIAMS Low Voltage Switchgear | ZALUX ATEX Certified Light Fixtures | ZALUX Lighting and Lighting Controls

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Business Details

Business Description: 

Established in 1962, Prakash Trading Company is at the forefront of the electrical engineering industry in the U.A.E. for the past 50 years.

The company is an undisputed leader in the region, marketing a wide range of electrical components serving the regional customer base across the GCC countries, Middle East, Africa, CIS countries and the Indian sub-continent.

Headquartered in Dubai, along with another branch in the heart of the city in Deira. It also has a showroom cum stores in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, located in the main electrical market of Musaffah.

Apart from these convenient locations, we have a centralized warehousing facility of more than 225,000 sq.ft. located in Dubai Investments Park, enabling storage of a wide range of goods with prompt delivery times.

With fully automated operations across the country, and having a large in-house fleet of delivery vehicles, we can cater to clients in the neighbouring countries like, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain with short lead times.