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Home Automation in UAE

About Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation is an extension of building automation to the home or residential building sector. Home automation refers to easy control various electronics, devices, and appliances connected to the internet, or with internet connected power control. The use of automation or universal control of home devices has been around for decades. However, recent developments have made these systems far more advanced, with voice control, hands-free control, smart AI integration and other developments.

Complete home automation systems can be connected to almost any and every device, system and household appliance. These systems can be controlled from central hubs called gateways at home, or directly from connected devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Installing a home automation system can transform any home into a smart home, with easy control of lighting systems, sound systems, HVAC systems, security and surveillance systems and home & kitchen appliances at your fingertips. Although most home automation systems use internet or cloud services to connect to various household devices, most home appliances like kitchen appliances currently do not support internet connectivity. Internet-connected power switches or power control equipment is used to remotely control switching on or off these appliances using devices connected to your home network.

While there is a huge market for home automation both globally and in the UAE, there are but a few service providers that meet international industry standards. These services are specially designed and tailored to defragment and connect heavily fragmented smart home spaces to provide customers with effective and complete control. Some popular automation communication protocols used by home automation companies in the UAE include Bluetooth LE, Ethernet, and other proprietary protocols. A few renowned names in the home automation industry offer services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates from their facilities on Najda Street in Abu Dhabi and Al Khaleej Road in Deira, and Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai.