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Skyline utilizes a portion of the intense shaped UV stabilised polyethene to produce road barriers. These road barriers are simple to move, transport and stack on any site location. One individual can without much of a stretch move an empty barrier into position. They are designed with a simple male-female pin framework that permits the road barriers to be firmly interlocked for additional strength. Skyline road barriers can also be filled with water for extra weight and stability.

Road Barrier Application

Road Construction Sites
Road closure/works
Building/worksite pedestrial control
Sporting events
Car Parks

Skyline manufactures GRP panel tanks under the European Standard utilizing high calibre of raw material. The double smooth skin panel tanks, which are produced using fibreglass strengthened polyester (GRP) are better and more secure for consumable water than cement and steel tanks. GRP sectional tanks are lightweight and they do not rust which eliminates the need to paint. They are easy to clean and maintain. They are 100% safe and prevents the growth of bacteria within the tanks. Hence they are highly reliable.