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Tank Manufacturers in UAE

Market leader and pioneer in the manufacture and installation of storage tanks for Diesel, Petrol and Water tankers. Call: +971 65310520, Email: [email protected]

For clean and safe water storage, choose Polycon's water tanks made of FDA-approved polyethylene. They're engineered to resist bacteria, fungus, and algae growth, and can withstand tough weather conditions and high-pressure impacts. Plus, they're certified by UAE municipalities to give you peace of mind.

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Al Rayan Street, Old Industrial AreaUmm Al Quwain, UAE 7169
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About Tank Manufacturers

Tank Manufacturers

Tanks are containers that are built to store oil, petrochemicals and other liquids. Various kinds of metals are used to manufacture tanks such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC and so on. The metals that are used to manufacture tanks are chosen based on the application of the tank; tanks that are used for the storage of chemical products are manufactured from stainless steel.

There are eight different kinds of storage tanks such as fixed roof tanks, external floating roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, domed external floating roof tanks, horizontal tanks, pressure tanks, variable vapor space tanks and Liquefied Natural Gas tanks. Fixed tanks are the most inexpensive type of tanks and consist of a doom or cone shaped roof which is attached to the tank. The roof of an external floating roof tank is not attached to the tank and floats on top of the liquid that is stored in the tank. The floating roof rises and falls with the level of liquid in the tank. This kind of tank reduces the loss of liquid by reducing evaporation.

An internal floating roof tank has both a fixed roof and a floating roof. A horizontal tank can be used for both underground and above ground storage purposes and is produced from steel or steel with fiberglass. A variable vapor tank has the capacity to accommodate variations in vapor and temperature as they are built with vapor reservoirs. A Liquefied natural gas tank can store liquefied natural gas to temperatures that are as low as -1620c. The most prominent locations in UAE to find tank manufacturers are Industrial area 1 in Sharjah and Al Quoz Industrial area in Dubai.

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