LEROY SOMER Generators - Suppliers and Dealers

Techno power is well known for manufacturing and supplying long-running superior quality power generators and generator spare parts in UAE. We repair and supply generator spare parts, diesel generators, diesel tanks, deep-sea controllers, assembly generators, etc. One of our new generation industrial generators is Leroy Somer with a highly accessible size ranging from 10.5KVA to 25000KVA. Generators are a prime instrument that supplies electrical power during cutoff situations and helps to continue the operation without any retardation. We also deal with any portable, inverter, and standby generator parts in UAE. Despite the type of generators, every generator must undergo service and maintenance at regular intervals. Electric and power generators are the lifesavers for industrial units to work as a backup power to continue production. Below are some of the power and electric type Leroy Somer generators with specifications.

 Diesel Generators

  Standby Rated Power           :      15KVA / 11.6KW   

   Prime Power                         :      13KVA / 10.4KW 

   Perkins Engine Model No    :      403A-15G1 (Made in the UK)   

Standby Power Rating Generators

   Standby Rated Power          :      33KVA / 26.4KW  

   Prime Power                         :      80KVA / 64KW 

   Perkins Engine Model No    :      1103A-33G  (Made in the UK)   

Closed Type Diesel Generator

   Standby Rated Power          :      88KVA / 70.4KW  

   Prime Power                         :      30KVA / 24KW 

   Perkins Engine Model No    :      1104A-44TG2   (Made in the UK)