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Automatic Doors in Abu Dhabi

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Office 10, Al Firdous Building, Musaffah 3Abu Dhabi8516
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Shop 13, Behind Emirates Transport, Steet 15, M 10 MussafahAbu Dhabi127732
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About Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are designed to provide ease of entry and exit into a building. They are a great addition to corporate offices, supermarkets, banks etc. They comprise of a sensor which detects motion presence leading to the door opening automatically. Some sensors sense the sound of the footsteps or the weight of a person. Weight sensors are present under a rubber mat a few meters before the door. In today’s world optic sensors are most commonly used they follow a more precise and integrated technology which observes people’s movements keenly. Some modern ones are equipped with a camera which not only detect the motion of the user but also record activity on a constant basis.

Automatic doors come in various types to suit the location. Automatic sliding doors are bi-directional they are used for entry and exit in both directions. Automatic swinging doors which are commonly uni-directional in nature, they are used in only one way traffic either entry or exit. In the case of entry involved in both directions automated folding doors are installed. Sensors which get activated by a push plate are used in low energy swinging doors, this type of mechanical door is semi-automated. The most commonly used automatic doors are automatic revolving doors, these doors support entry and exit simultaneously and freely. This type of door is very expensive as it uses sophisticated technology to work.

Installing automatic doors in buildings provide a hassle-free entry and exit. It saves little time and energy involved in opening, resisting and closing manual doors. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who sell automatic doors in Abu Dhabi are Al Jurf industrial area, Al Maktoum Street, and Al Quoz 3.

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