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Cladding in Abu Dhabi

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About Cladding

Cladding provides added protection to buildings and makes them resistant to weather and increases the durability of the construction. It is used in the field of architecture, building and construction, it is installed to the building exterior after construction. They are also used for metalworking and optical fibre protection. It is used in doors windows, roofs, chimneys and other similar locations. The cladding is used in locations which are vulnerable to seepage or leakage. They are also used in balustrades, column wraps, guttering, signage, curtain wall supports, light poles, elevator doors, public seating, bollards and canopies. It is attached to the building structure but however, it does not stabilize the building structure. It plays a structural role in transferring wind loads, impact loads, snow loads and own self-weight back to the structural framework. Cladding designers help you select the best type of cladding which is suitable for your requirement.

It helps in creating a controlled internal environment for the building by protecting them from external climatic conditions. It provides privacy and security, prevents sound transmission, offers thermal insulation and creates an external facade. Exterior wall claddings generate an airtight building envelope which provides opening access for daylight and ventilation. Cladding designers prefabricate panels which are later attached to the frame on site. They also add additional components such as doors windows gutters, roof lights and vents to facilitate better ventilation. They study your building structure thoroughly to understand the internal and external conditions, overall durability, locality, appearance, accessibility and build-ability and space. They install high-quality wall coverings which do not pull away from the structure. They pay attention to the design, detail, air leakage control, water penetration, ease of installation, thermal movement, cleaning, maintenance and remedial work.

Cladding designers supply different coverings such as wood shingle, shake roofing, metal single lap roof tiling, lead sheet covering, flashing, aluminium strip covering, copper strip covering, zinc strip, tensile fabric coverings and thatch roofing and rain screen cladding. They also supply curtain walling, sandwich panels, facade panel, patent glazing and rain screening.

Sandwich panels and facade panels are two of the most widely used external wall claddings as they are very robust in design. Sandwich panels are also known as composite panels or structural insulating panels. They are utilized as outside divider claddings in business, mechanical and local structures. It is an organized composite material which is created by attaching two thin solid sinks to a lightweight thick core. The thick core comprises of a low-quality material with a decent thickness which offers high twisting solidness. Sandwich panels are used in an extensive variety of uses in icy room walling, segment walling, aviation, constructed homes, modular homes, flying machines and vehicles.

Sandwich panel cladding has a froth core which is sandwiched between the external sheet and the internal sheet which is additionally mounted on the purlin. Cladding manufactures and suppliers also provide stone cladding, wood and timber cladding, brick cladding, tile cladding, metal cladding, vinyl cladding, concrete cladding and board cladding. Some popular locations to find cladding manufactures are Musaffah, Airport road, Hamdan Street, Tourist club area and Al Salam Street.

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