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Car Battery Installation in Abu Dhabi

About Car Battery Installation

Car Battery Installation

Car battery installation must be performed cautiously because if there is a wrong connection it would not only spoil the battery but also affect the vehicle and can also lead to potential accidents. You can replace the battery yourself but however it is better to get help from an authorized technician to install the battery. Companies which provide car battery installation services appoint skilled technicians who asses your old battery and determine whether it needs replacement. They select a suitable car battery which is compatible with your car.

Technicians wear eye face and hand protection to prevent battery acid from coming in contact with your skin as it is highly corrosive and work in a well ventilated area. They ensure that the car is turned off and all the electrical and electronic appliances remain are switched off. They locate the car battery compartment and remove the terminal cap, disconnect the ground cable and unwind the terminals using a wench. First the positive terminal is disconnected and then the negative terminal the battery restrains are unfastened and the old battery is removed from the socket carefully. The same procedure is followed in attaching the new battery. Technicians ensure that the terminals are connected properly and look out for any damaged terminals. They also apply petroleum jelly or lithium grease to prevent corrosion. Companies which provide car battery installation services also provide maintenance services such as topping up battery fluid, replacing battery terminal cables etc. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which provide car battery installation services in UAE are Silion oasis, Deira and Sheikh Zayed road.

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