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Car Battery Service in Abu Dhabi

About Car Battery Service

Car Battery Service

Car battery service providers deal with battery replacement, battery cleaning, battery maintenance service and mobile car battery service assistance. They take utmost care in cleaning your car battery. Car batteries need to be cleaned periodically in order to maintain optimum functionality and prevent corrosion.

Corroded car batteries are prone to degradation and in extreme cases can also explode. Before cleaning your car battery service technicians ensure that the car is turned off and all its electrical components are switched off. They locate your battery and determine the terminal configuration of the car battery. They check the alternator and unfasten the negative terminal first followed by the positive terminal. Technicians ensure that there is no sign of corrosion in the terminals or any signs of leakage. They check if the battery cables are in tack and free of cracks and replace the cables if necessary. They use a solution of baking soda in water and dip a brush into it and use it to clean the terminals. Doing so will dissolve corrosion present in the cable accordingly. They rinse the battery terminals with cool water to remove any deposits and lubricate them using petroleum jelly or grease.

Car battery service providers provide road side assistance service, mobile car battery replacement service and 24 hour battery replacement service. These services are highly beneficial to people who are left stranded on road due to a flat car battery. Some popular locations to get in touch with car battery service providers in UAE are Silicon oasis, Deira and Sheikh Zayed road.

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