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Gear Pumps in Abu Dhabi

About Gear Pumps

Gear pumps in UAE

Gear pumps are rotary displacement pump that helps to transfer a constant flow of liquid irrespective of the change in pressure. Gear pumps have two rotating teeth-like gears that transport the liquid. The fluids are captured between the volume of the teeth and forced to the end of the pump. Listed here are the leading gear pump suppliers, dealers and distributors in UAE. Gear pumps often use spur gear types apart from helical and herringbone gear. Helical and herringbone gear pumps offer a smooth flow rate. Gear pumps help to transfer fresh water, oil, paint, glue, food puree, sewage and many more.

There are two types of gear pumps available in the market. They are internal gear pumps and external gear pumps.

internal gear pump
Internal gear pumps

The structure of the internal gear pump has one gear installed within the other. They are versatile, holding two gears as a seal between the ports. They are available with electric motors having a maximum of 600 RPM. They have an inbuilt adjustable safety gear valve. Some of the applications include diesel oil, chemicals, acids, and viscous fluids.

External gear pumps

The external gear pump uses two identical gears in mesh side by side. The motor attached rotates one gear which in turn rotates the other gear. Each gear holds a shaft with a bearing on each side. The fluid enters the pump through the inlet and is trapped between the teeth-like poles, later exits through the outlet.

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