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Generators in Abu Dhabi

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About Generators


Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, they play a vital role in powering heavy machinery in the event of power failure. There are different types of alternators used for various applications. A portable generator is powered by diesel, they are cheap and easy to use, these alternators are used in areas which require emergency power and they occupy less space. Standby generators are powered by natural gas or propane, they automatically get turned on during power outages.

A portable alternator is connected with extension cords which are in turn connected to the primary power outlet. The installation procedure is very easy as it doesn’t involve complicated wiring or the addition of a subpanel. Portable alternators must be placed 10 feet away from the source of power as they emit toxic carbon monoxide gas. Standby generators prove to be of great use in areas which face frequent power outages. They turn on immediately after a power outage which avoiding erratic voltage fluctuations. These alternators are powerful enough to power air conditioners, kitchen appliances and small motors. They do not contribute to noise pollution or harm the environment by releasing harmful gas, they are more expensive than portable generators. These alternators run on home’s natural gas supply or a propane tank, which can be stored underground, they are best used in powering domestic homes and small scale corporate offices.

Electric generators are more eco friendly as they do not run on fossil fuel they are powerful enough to power electric motors, water heaters, microwave ovens and other appliances. These alternators are large in size and are mostly used to power small towns and villages. Some popular locations to find companies that sell generators in Abu Dhabi are Umm Al Naar, Mussafah industrial area and Al Najda street.

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