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Motors in Abu Dhabi

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About Motors

Motors comprise of mechanical components such as a rotors, stators, bearings and windings. Their main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are used in water pumps, commercial machinery, industrial machinery, power tools, heavy construction equipment, disk drives and household applications. Tractions motors are used in propelling automobiles, locomotives, ships and submarines.

DC motors are the oldest type of traction motors which offer speed-torque characteristics which aid in the vehicle’s movement. An electric motor is a machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. Electric motors are also known as trolling motors that are used to power small fishing boats. The Ac motor and the DC motor are the two commonly used electric motors. An AC motor is an electromechanical motor which is driven using alternating current which induces rotational motion. A DC motor is also an electromechanical device but uses direct current to produce rotational motion. They are the most widely used motors in commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

Some popular types of motors are air motors, gear motors, hydraulic motors, linear motors, servo motors, stepper motors, rocket motors, trolling motors and outboard motors. Other motors include synchronous motor, induction motor, brushed DC motor, starter motor etc. Air motors are powered by air pressure to induce rotational motion. They are mostly used in areas where a source of compressed air is present. Geared motors can be driven by either direct current or alternating current. They comprise of a central driving head which drives another rotating machine and are available in both large and small sizes. Some popular locations to get in touch with retailers who sell motors in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, Electra Street, Airport Road, Al Najda Street, Al Salam Street, Hamdan Street, Mina Street and Khalifa Street.

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