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Valves in Abu Dhabi

Image for  AADTRA (Atiq Al Dhaheri and Company)
M 9, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi44719
Brands: ADVANCE VALVES Valves | AES Valves | ARABIAN PIPELINE Pipes | ARCELOR MITTAL Pipes | AWAJI (ASK) Buttweld Fittings | AWAJI ASK Buttweld Fittings | BADOTHERM Gauges | BONNEY FORGE Valves | BOTH WELL Forged Fittings | BUTTING Pipes | CRANE Valves | DELCORTE Forged Fittings | DELTA Welding Machine | FROCH Pipes | HONEYWELL Balancing Valves | HONEYWELL Filters & Back Flow Preventer | HONEYWELL Filters and Back Flow Preventer | HONEYWELL Pressure Reducing Valves | HONEYWELL Thermostatic Mixing Valves | HYUNDAI STEEL Pipes | INTERPIPE Pipes | KHIMJI FLOW EQPT Valves | KHIMJI FLOW Equipment Valves | KITZ Valves | KOFCO Flanges | KUKA VALVES Valves | LAME Forged Fittings | LE BRONZE ALLOYS Pipes | LIAOHE PIPE FITTINGS Buttweld Fittings | MEGA Forged Fittings | MELESI Flanges | METALFAR Flanges | MGI Flanges | Mitsubishi Climaveneta AHU/FCU | Mitsubishi Climaveneta AHU-FCU | Mitsubishi Climaveneta Chillers | Mitsubishi Climaveneta Close Control Unit (CCU) | NIPPON STEEL Pipes | OMR Buttweld Fittings | RHINOFFIT Buttweld Fittings | RHINOFITT Flanges | RHINOFLEX Expansion Bellows | RIVIT Pipes | SALZGITTER MANNESSMANN Pipes | SANDVIK Pipes | SBC Buttweld Fittings | SCHOELLER BLECKMANN Pipes | SCHULZ Pipes | SEAH STEEL Pipes | SOLID BEND Buttweld Fittings | SOSTA Pipes | SPECIAL METALS Pipes | SUMITOMO METAL Pipes | TECHNOFORGE Buttweld Fittings | TENARIS Pipes | THAI BENKAN (BKL) Buttweld Fittings | TTA Buttweld Fittings | TTU Buttweld Fittings | TUBACEX Pipes | TUBOS REUNIDOS Pipes | ULMA Flanges | VIAR MECCANICA Forged Fittings | WIKA Gauges | WINTERS Gauges |
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Shop No 14+15, Plot No: 31, Mussafah Industrial Area- M9Abu Dhabi92905
Products & Services : Motor Couplings and Elements, Pulley and Taper Locks, Gland Packing, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Filters Regulator and Lubricants, Pneumatic Cylinders and Valves, Hydraulic Directional Control Valves, Gas Springs and Accessories, Roller Chain and Sprockets, Expansion Bellows, Universal Joints, Anti Vibration Mountings, Gaskets Sheets, Temperature Gauges, Level Switches, Level Transmitters, Thermometers, Temperature Sensors, Hydraulic Flow Control Valves, Pneumatic Tubes and Fittings, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, Solenoid Coil, Coupling and Elements, Spark Arrestor, Rubber Sheets and Gasket Sheets, Radiator Hoses, Polyurethane Tubes, Actuator with Valves, Accumulators, Strut, Rubber Coupling, Motor Cooling Fan, Cooling Fan, Pneumatic Valves, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Level Indicators, Battery Cut Off Switches, Hoses and Fittings, FRL Units, Diesel Flow Meter, Water Flow Meter, Filters, Piston Seal, Wiper Seal, VEE Pack Seal, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Ball Bearings, Ball Valves, Cartridge Valves, Chalwyn Valve, Check Valves, Chemical Hose, Chevron Seals, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Duct Hose, Electrical Actuator, Element, Endcap, Flow Meters, Gas Springs, Gear Flex Couplings, Hose, Hose Coupling And Fittings, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment And Tools, Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings, Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Solenoid Valves, Hydraulic Tools, Hydraulic Valves, Industrial Belts, Industrial Hose, Industrial Hoses and Hose Clamps, Layflat Hose, Mechanical Seals, Needle Roller Bearings, Nylon Reinforced Hose, O Rings, O Rings Rubber, O Rings Viton, Oil Field Suppliers, Oil Indicators, Oil Level Indicators, Oil Seals Viton, Oil Suction Hose, Petrol Suction Hose, Pneumatic Actuator, Pneumatic Components, Pneumatic Filters, Pneumatic Regulators, Pneumatic Seals, Pressure Transmitter, Proportional Valves, Pulley, Quick Coupling, Roller Bearings, Safety Relief Valves, Seals, Sensors, Shutdown Valves, Sprockets, Sprockets And Chain, Thrust Cylindrical Bearing, Timing Belt, Transparent Reinforced Hose, Tyre Flex Couplings, V Belts, Valves, Water Suction Hose, Winches, Air Hose, Bearings, Couplings, Digital Temperature Gauge, Flow Control Valves, Fuel Flow Meter, Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Hose, Manifolds, Pneumatic Lubricants, Pneumatic Tools And Equipments, Pressure Gauges, Rigid Couplings, Multi Purpose Hose, Rubber Sheets, Solenoid Operated Directional Valves, Spherical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Water Pump Seals, Belts Industrial and Automotive, De-watering Equipment and Services, Hose Couplings and Fittings, Hydraulic Equipment and Tools, Hydraulic Equipment, Tools and Supplies, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, O Ring Seals, Oil Seals, Oilfield Supplies, Piling Equipment and Tools, Pneumatic Tools and Equipment, Pulleys, Pumps
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Plot 33, M-39, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi8616
Shabia Khalifa Area, MussafahAbu Dhabi91183
23, United Arab Bank Bldg, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi33409
Al Mina RdAbu Dhabi7708
Products & Services : Valves
Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi25874
Products & Services : Industrial Equipment, Valves
Brands: HAWLE Valves |
M 26, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi108019
Products & Services : Building Material Manufacturers, Valves
M-9, ADIB BuildingAbu Dhabi9216
Products & Services : Paint Merchants, Valves
Etihad Tower, CornicheAbu Dhabi28686
MussafahAbu Dhabi3555
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment, Valves

About Valves

Valves are mechanical devices which are widely used in industrial and plumbing applications. They are fitted into a machine or pipe to control the flow of liquid or gas which passes through it. They are predominantly used in all domestic machines such as washing machines and dishwashers and also in industrial machines and power plants. There are more than fifty kinds of valves, of these the most commonly used valves are open and close valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, choke valve, solenoid valves. A butterfly is usually the preferred option as it is a low cost option. It consists of a disc positioned in the pipe and a rod called the actuator runs through the disc to both the outer ends of the pipe. The actuator is rotated accordingly to allow liquid or gas to pass through, it is located in the middle which allows it to reduce pressure as the fluid flows through the pipe. Solenoid valves are controlled by an electromechanical device which also monitors the pressure flowing through the valve and automatically releases the excess accumulated pressure.

Other important valves are the ball valve, globe valve, gate valve and diaphragm valve. A ball valve is simple in design and easy to operate as it is equipped with a hollow spherical ball which is used to regulate the pressure accordingly. There are two types of ball valves which are reduced bore and full bore. They offer a very good shut off capability and prevent the probability of leakage. Globe valves are used in a wide variety of operations, two commonly performed ones are the flow rate control and the open-close operation. The flow rate control operation is performed by lifting the valve plug to regulate the flow of liquid or gas. The valve plug can be partially opened as it is strong enough to sustain high pressure. They are located in an S-shaped passageway making it easier to regulate the pressure. Gate valves are similar in design as compared to that of a floodgate. They control the flow by raising or lowering the valve element. Needle valves are used to accurately control the flow of liquid and a pinch valve is used to control a slurry flow of fluid. Other valves include plug valve, poppet, spool, thermal expansion valve, sampling, safety valve, blast, duckbill, flow control valve and gas pressure regulator. Some popular locations to get in touch with companies which sell valves in Abu Dhabi are Musaffah, Airport road, Electra Street, Musaffah industrial area, Shabia Khalifa Industrial area, Old passport road, Khalifa Street, Al Mina Road, Umm Al Nar, Al Nasr Street and Najda Street.