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Solar Water Heating System in Abu Dhabi

About Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heating systems are used to make water hot, using solar or thermal energy. These systems differ in design and features like the volume of water it can heat, based on their use, either personal or commercial. Solar water heating is the process where sunlight and the heat from the sun are collected, converted and used to heat large amounts of water. Solar water heating uses different methods and means to collect and transform solar energy to make water hot. Most solar water heater devices use solar thermal collectors to do this. These devices come in a range of types that differ in the way they are configured, at varying costs to heat water at different latitudes and climate conditions.

Solar water heater systems and their types are a cost efficient way to save energy while making water hot in homes. Sun-facing collectors make working fluids hot and are stored in a take for later use. Most solar water heaters are of two types, active and passive. The active types are pumped systems while the passive types are convection driven. Direct and indirect circulation types are the two types of active solar water heating systems used in homes. The direct type allows water to flow through the collectors and into the house and are commonly used in places that are not too cold. The indirect type pumps work fluid that is freeze resistant and has a heat transfer property through the collectors and a heat exchanger. This system is most used to heat water in places that are very cold.

Passive water heating systems cost less and are also not as efficient, but, they last longer and are more reliable. Suppliers and stockists of all types of solar water heating systems in UAE, deal with both active and passive water heaters, as well as special solar collectors and tanks to store hot water.