About Tank Waterproofing

Tank Waterproofing in UAE

Water tanks are an essential part of all the small, medium large complexes to store water as it is one of the essentials used in life. Water tanks are usually placed in the underground or on the top of the building. Water tanks develop a crack on the wall through which the water might seep through in between the joints. Waterproofing comes as a solution for this water leakage as there is no guarantee that all the water tanks are without any cracks. Leakage or seepage of water might damage the water tank walls. Repairing the water tanks is a time consuming and demanding process. Waterproofing involves two ways. The traditional and conventional method is to apply a cement slurry inside the tank walls, that blocks water leakage. But this method is a temporary solution as it locks the cracks in the water tank walls. One of the most time-taking yet a permanent solution to stop water leakage or seepage is a two-step process. The first step is the application of the high-performance polymer-modified cement-based solution on the tank walls. The second step is waterproofing the joints through polymer modified mortar which is to treat over the surface. This process ensures tank waterproofing as it repairs all the cracks, leaks and other invisible water seepage joints.

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