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Tile Trims in Abu Dhabi

About Tile Trims

Tile Trim Suppliers in UAE

Tile Trims are crucial components designed for tile installation applications facilitating both both functional and aesthetic roles. These tile trims are designed for completing the surface edges of the tiles, offers protections against chipping with a clean professional image. These tile trim materials cover the exposed edges of tiles, preventing water penetration and enhancing durability.

Types of Tile Trims

Tile trims are essential products for tile installation applications serving aesthetic purposes. These tile trims safeguard the edges of tiles from damage, providing clean transitions. Some of the types of tile trims provided by Tile Trim Suppliers in UAE are metal tile trims, PVC tile trims, plastic tile trims, stainless steel tile trims, ceramic tile trims. Lets break onto the types of trims that currently leading the tile revolutionary market.

Metal Tile Trims in UAE

The Metal Tile trims in UAE are crucial components in tile installation application purposes. These Tile trims provides style and functionality and clean professional look to both corners and edges of tiles safeguarding it from potential damages. The metal tile trims in UAE are applied in both residential and commercial applications like kitchens and bathroom to safeguard vulnerable edges from chips, cracks, and wear, longevity of the tile installation, where in commercial sectors these tile trims offers durability and safety against rigors of daily use, minimal maintenance cost and accidents. The metal tile trims are available in versatile colors and dimensions like 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm.

Plastic Tile Trims in UAE

The plastic tile trims in UAE play a significant role in tile installation applications. These tile trims are light weight and cost effective tiles designed for tile installation applications. The plastic tile trims in UAE comes in various tile color and various shapes like straight-edge, round-edge, and quadrant profiles. These tile trims are easy to easy to cut and install using basic tools and offer safety against chipping and damage.

PVC Tile Trims in UAE

The PVC tile trims in UAE are durable and are resistant to moisture. These tile trims are applied in humid environment conditions like bathrooms and kitchens as well suitable for tile edging corner and joints applications. The PVC tile trims in UAE comes in versatile colors and finishes like glossy, matte, and textured surfaces and are flexible. The tile trims are available in various dimensions like 6 mm, 7 mm, 9.5 mm and 12 mm. PVC tile trims in UAE features absorption zone that lets the edge strip to absorb anything without any cracks, and chemicals resistant to oils, petrol's and fats.

Stainless Steel Tile Trims in UAE

Stainless Steel Tile Trims in UAE are widely popular tile trim solutions designed for residential and commercial applications. These tile trims are sleek and modern aesthetic, durable and resistant to corrosion and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The stainless steel Tile trims in UAE comes in various shapes like L-shaped, square, rounded, or custom shapes with Aluminum, stainless steel, PVC build materials and 8-10 feet length and 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch depth inch.

Ceramic Tile Trims in UAE

The ceramic tile trims in UAE are constructed from materials using aluminum, stainless steel. These tile trims provide seamless match in color and texture, cohesive finish to tile installation applications, protections against wear and tear. These tile trims comes bullnose, cove, and V-cap shape, glazed or unglazed. These tile trims are available in various colors like red, black, grey and white with 7 mm, 9.5 mm and 12 mm and are applied in residential and commercial applications like hospitality industries like bathroom, kitchens and lobbies, health care sectors like hospitals, clinics and commercial kitchens and manufacturing sectors.

Expert Guidance on the Tile Trim Selection

Tile trims and edging provide a smooth transition for different floor coverings, reducing the risk of falls. They ensure that all the joint wheels and trolleys move smoothly every time. There are multiple varieties of tile trims available in different shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of floor coverings. We understand that choosing the tile trim can be challenging. For expert guidance to find the one that best suits your budget and needs, contact the listed tile trim dealers in UAE.

When choosing a floor covering, it's important to consider The type of floor and the environment it will be in. You should also think about who will be using the flooring and what purpose it will serve If the flooring is likely to be exposed to spills of water or chemicals, you need to take that into account as well. If there are carpets involved, think about the thickness of the flooring Additionally, you should determine the volume of wheeled and foot traffic and choose a colour, finish, and corners that will enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Luxury tile trims are specially designed for high-end hotels and premium residential developments. They are the perfect complement to modular flooring and add a touch of sophistication to any space. Bullnose tile trims are ideal for creating a smooth wall-to-floor transition, and they come with two rounded corners that fit perfectly against the walls. L-shaped tile trims offer a decorative finish to the edge tiles and are available in both aluminium and PVC materials. They come in dimensions of 8mm*2.5m and 10mm*2.5m.

R-Shape bullnose creates a straight edge grout line and creates a perfect straight grout space along the tile trim. Round edge or RS shape is highly suitable for residential applications, especially kitchen countertops and staircases. U shape creates a smooth transition at the lower elevations. They are available in red, yellow, silver, orange, mustard, blue, and green amber with a silver, gold and bronze matt finish.

Competitive Pricing for Tile Trims

The price of tile trim can differ depending on the brand and size. A 12mm PVC tile trim with a 3-meter length usually ranges from AED6 to AED31 in wholesale price. The price can also be affected by the colour and customized options of the tile trim.

Tile Trim Options - A wide range of brands

Below are some of the notable tile trim brands supplied by the listed suppliers in Dubai.

  • Topps Tiles - General Tile Trims (e.g., bullnose, round, square
  • Harlyn - Ivory tile trims
  • Homelux - Silver and Stainless steel effect edge metal tile trims
  • Dural - Metal Tile Trims (e.g., stainless steel, chrome)
  • Durosol - L-shaped edging profile for walls and floors
  • Diall - PVC Tile Trims
  • Scotia - Edge Trims or Decorative Trims for tiles
  • Complements - General Tile Trims
  • Regal - Plastic tile trims with softer finish on the edge
  • Foundry - Metal Tile Trims in bold finishes
  • Matrix - Straight edge trim with coated aluminium satin finish
  • Multipanel - Transition Strips for tile-to-carpet applications
  • Splashpanel - Shower Tile Trims

Customised Tile Trim Solutions

Clients can match the tile trim colours to their existing floor covering to get a seamless look to their space. Customize your tile trims for floors, walls, showers, and swimming pools with edge protection and decorative options through our listed dealers.

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