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Storewell Racking and Shelving is a UAE based company which is situated in Ajman. We produce and serve Heavy Duty Shelving with customized requirements.

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Shelving and Storage Equipment
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About Shelving And Racking

Storage Racks in UAE

Material handling is possible only with a sequential and classified storage rack. Storage racks contain single and multiple levels of structural storage systems that are made up of steel to handle heavy loads. They support high end racking storage structures which are ideally used in the industries to sort all the materials. Storage racks are of various types to suit different industrial storage needs. Selective racking system, mobile racking system, medium dusty racking system, shuttle racking, light-duty static, custom made fabricated items are some of the types of storage solutions applied over different types of industries to handle materials. Selective racking systems help to store packaged loads. They make load moving easy and possible. Some of the vital advantages of a selective racking system are that they are easily accessible and hundred per cent direct contact. Adjustable storage racking systems are used in small scale industries to access their minimum storage material by adjusting the size and depth of the load storing racks. A drive-in racking system is an ideal system to hold, pick up and move large quantities of similar packs by allowing the driver to enter the racking framework and place the loads on the structural rails without any effort. The radio shuttle racking system is the most advanced and sought after racking solutions as they provide an automated mechanism of palleting with a remotely controlled radio system. This system is capable of handling multiple racking systems simultaneously. Mobile racking is one of the most advanced designs for racking system as they enable the user to control the racks with one touch of the user. They help to make use of the available space efficiently. One of the main advantages of mobile racking system is that it can go up to 13 meters high. Listed here are the leading storage rack solution providers in UAE. They give turnkey solutions for any storage and material handling customers. Stacked, Non-stacked racking and shelving system, system accessories are also supplied by the above-listed storage racking solution providers in UAE.

Storage racks are the space-saving mechanism for multiple industries like automotive, food industries, pharma, engineering textiles, garments, paper products, logistics and cold storage etc. They run their show only with an ideal industrial storage system. Any storage racking type like slotted angle, bin tray, cable ladders, suitcase racks, supermarket storage racks, shoe racks, material storage racks are tailor-designed as per the client requirement. Contact the storage rack wholesale suppliers and retailers through Yellowpages UAE to get instant quotes on storage racks.

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