Ground Floor, Warehouse 38, MW-5, Near FibrexAbu Dhabi, UAE 130693
Opp Ceramics Market, King Faisal Road, Industrial Area 1Sharjah, UAE 27512
Flat No. 903, Mona Residence Al QusaisDubai, UAE 18824
New Industrial AreaAjman, UAE 8355
About Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composie Panel

Aluminium composite panel is a type of sandwich panel which is often preferred for a building material because of its light weight yet rigid and strong structure. These materials are frequently used for exterior and interior purposes as a building material. For exterior applications, it could be used for exterior cladding/facades of buildings, canopies, signages, parking shades, to make gates and few more applications. And we also do have plenty of interior applications of ACP like, office partitions, office cabins, flush doors, column coverings, false ceilings, kitchen or reception decorations, to make lifts and staircase and many many more. Aluminium Composite Panels are also used for insulation of rooms and buildings to restrict the energy to pass by which makes the air conditioner to function efficiently. The material and the structure of the ACP make it capable of load bearing, fire-resistant and keep it low weight. ACP is made up of two thin layers of aluminium sheets with a non aluminium core sandwiched between them which is absorbs the shear load. This makes the ACP able to bear and sustain lots of load despite of its low weight. The essential qualities of Aluminium Composite Panels have made it a huge success in the construction business and have generated a huge range of new applications. Aluminium composite Panels also have various other trade names like Dibond, Alucobond and Alupanel. Aluminium composite Panels also come with extremely flat surface which allows it to print high quality graphics, pictures or text. This feature of ACP allows the consumer to select from a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colours as well as patterns that imitate materials wood and marble. In terms of cost, Aluminium composite Panels are much more efficient than wood and marble.

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