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Door Hardware in UAE

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About Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Door Hardware consists of a wide range of products that are used to secure, install and enhance the working of a door. In simple terms, door hardware includes any of those items that are attached to a door or a drawer to improve its look or working.Door hardware covers a range of products from handles and hinges to locks and other fittings. This hardware is commonly fitted to doors of all types from access doors to cupboard doors and desk drawers. Door hardware is not only used to install and improve doors but also to make them more access friendly to people with special needs.

Door hardware can be broken down into hinges, handles, locks, fasteners and door accessories. Hinges are key parts used to install doors, attaching the door to the frame or object. A hinge is attached to one edge of a door with the help of fasteners to the door frame. This allows the door to open and closed along a fixed axis of rotation. Door handles are usually fitted in along with door locks and include all kinds of handles, knobs, or levers. A typical handle set comprises of two handles - inside and outside, a door lock, and latches in some cases. Locks are installed to help secure a door to prevent entry or for secure access to a room or house. There are many types of door locks that can be used for different types of handles. Fasteners are used to install all these hardware parts to the body of the door.

All his hardware and more can be acquired at the many stores and dealers of door hardware in UAE. SAIF Zone in Sharjah and Al Qusais in Dubai are some of the most prominent places where wholesalers and retailers of doors and door accessories & hardware are located.