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Best fastener manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE, offering a comprehensive range of durable fasteners for industrial, construction, aerospace, automotive, and marine applications. Source an array of fastener types including bolts, screws, nuts, precision fasteners and stainless steel fasteners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, tailored for precision and strength.

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We supply, stock, and export threaded rods, stud bolts, hex bolts, washers, and hex nuts in stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, titanium, and brass.

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About Fasteners

Fasteners in Dubai, UAE

Even though people often mix up the words "screw" and "bolt," they are not the same: Bolt is similar to a screw because it has threads, but it stays in place using a nut on the other side. Listed here with us are the top fastener suppliers and dealers in Dubai, UAE. Some common types of bolts are:

  • Hex bolts - used in machines and building stuff.
  • Lag bolts - These are big screws with hexagonal heads, used for building with wood and in garden projects.
  • Carriage bolts - have a smooth, round top and a square part underneath to dig into the material and stop turning while you fix them.
  • Eye bolts - have a round loop at one end to tie a rope or chain to them.
  • U bolts - shaped like the letter U and are used to attach pipes or round objects to other things.
  • Studs - These are bolts without heads and have threads on both ends.

Fastener Manufacturers Standards

Industries have fastener standards commonly set for fastener manufacturers and buyers to be on the same page when sourcing fasteners. They can be dimensional requirement(length), mechanical requirement(tensile strength) and chemical requirement(carbon range).

Here are some of the main rules and guidelines for different kinds of fasteners (like screws and bolts) used in various industries:

  • SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers) - These fasteners are for heavy-duty equipment like tractors, trucks, and other equipment.
  • ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials) - These are for fasteners in building materials like steel and pipes.
  • ASME - This provides size and shape details for fasteners. Metric Specifications like ISO, DIN, and EU - are the International guidelines used in many countries.
  • Others like NACE, JIS, API, MIL-Spec, etc. - are additional standards used in specific industries or countries.

The length of the fasteners starts from underneath the head. Bolts which are longer than 10 inches will have 6 inches of thread. Fully threaded bolts are also known as tap bolts. A standard fastener includes six different items to identify them. They are

  • Threaded diameter
  • Thread pitch
  • Length
  • Type of Product
  • Grade/ Material
  • Plating

Types of externally threaded fasteners

Hex Bolts

  • Features: Known for its six-sided head, used in construction and repair.
  • Popular brands of hex bolts are Fastenal and Hillman.

Hex Cap Screws

  • Features: Similar to hex bolts, but with a washer face under the head and tighter tolerances.
  • Popular brands of hex cap screws are 3M, CRC, Denso, Lifmex and Fluke.

Tap Bolts

  • Features: Fully threaded hex bolts, ideal for securing materials in limited space.
  • Popular brands of tap bolts are Fastenal and Hillman.

Stud Bolts

  • Features: stud bolts are headless, double-ended bolts often used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Popular brands of tap bolts are B&G Manufacturing and The Stud Bolt.


  • Features: Used to connect pipes, valves and pumps with easy access for cleaning and inspection.
  • Popular brands of flanges are Precision Brand and PipingNow.

Elevator Bolts

  • Features: Flat, plain or countersunk head, used in conveyor systems.
  • Popular brands of elevator bolts: Hillman, Fastenal.

Plow Bolts

  • Features: Flat or domed head, typically used in ploughing and construction equipment.
  • Popular PLW bolt brands are Grainger and McMaster-Carr.

Carriage Bolts

  • Features: Rounded head with a square section underneath; used in wood connections.
  • Popular carriage bolt brands: Fastenal, Hillman.

Lag Screws

  • Features: Large wood screws with hexagonal heads are often used for heavy-duty wood applications.
  • Popular lag screw brands are Hillman, PowerPro.

Anchor Bolts

  • Features: Embedded in concrete to support structural loads.
  • Popular anchor bolt brands: Hilti, Simpson Strong-Tie.

Wedge Anchors/Drop-in Anchors

  • Features: Expansion anchors for concrete.
  • Popular wedge anchor brands in Dubai: Red Head, CONFAST.

Misc Anchors (drill bit, tapcon, sleeve anchor)

  • Features: Various types for different surfaces and applications.
  • Popular drill bit brands in Dubai are Tapcon and Hilti.

Chemical Anchor Capsules

  • Features: Used with anchor studs in solid and hollow materials.
  • Popular chemical anchor capsule brands in Dubai: Hilti, Fischer.

Eye Bolts

  • Features: A circular loop at one end often used for lifting or attaching ropes and cables.
  • Popular eye-bold brands in Dubai are National Hardware and Hillman.


  • Features: U-shaped, used to support pipework.
  • Popular brands are U-Bolt-It and National Hardware.


  • Features: Shaped like the letter 'J', used for anchoring and hooking applications.
  • Popular brands: Hillman, Fastenal.

Socket Products

  • Features: Including socket head cap screws; used in precision machinery.
  • Popular brands: Allen, McMaster-Carr.

Small Screws (machine screw, wood screw, sheet metal screw, drywall screw, tek screw)

  • Features: Various uses from machinery to woodworking.
  • Popular brands: Fastenal for machine screws, Grip-Rite for wood screws, and Teks for Tek screws.

Types of internally threaded fasteners

Hex Nuts

  • Features: Standard six-sided nuts, versatile and commonly used in many applications. They offer a good balance of strength and compatibility for a variety of bolt sizes.
  • Popular Brands: Hillman, Grainger, Fastenal.

Heavy Hex Nuts

  • Features: Larger and thicker than standard hex nuts, providing stronger fastening and greater load distribution. Ideal for heavy-duty applications and is often used in construction and large machinery.
  • Popular Brands: Portland Bolt, McMaster-Carr, Fastenal.

Jam Nuts

  • Features: Thinner than standard hex nuts, used to lock or "jam" another nut in place to prevent loosening. Often used in situations where space is limited and a full-size nut can't be accommodated.
  • Popular Brands: Hillman, Fastenal, Grainger.

Lock Nuts

  • Features: Designed to prevent loosening under vibration and torque. They come in various designs, such as nylon insert lock nuts (nylock nuts), which have a nylon collar that grips the thread of the bolt, and all-metal lock nuts, which use tension to stay tight
  • Popular Brands: Hillman (for nylon insert lock nuts), McMaster-Carr (for all-metal lock nuts), Fastenal.

Fasteners are universal components used to create temporary or nonpermanent joints. We use fasteners on a regular basis, from everyday household appliances to hi-tech machinery and gizmos used in industries. Domestic uses of fasteners include basic applications from holding tables and chairs together, to holding parts of our cars and vehicles together. Almost everything we use or interact with is being held together by some sort of fastener. Fasteners are commonly associated to threaded or non-permanent fasteners in general, but, in fact, are of two types; general fasteners and threaded fasteners.

Fastener manufacturers provide extensive variety of minute latches, which are for the most part utilized for the sheltered and secure connection of any business and private machines. With the vast developing mechanical requirements, fastener manufacturers have thought of advancements in attaching innovation. They have structured latches a lot lighter and littler which are perfect for the requesting electrical and hardware industry. They help to hold the segments protected and secure. To hold together many layers of extremely thin metal sheets tiny fasteners are manufactured which provides permanent solution for strong latch.

Threaded fasteners are removable or non-permanent fasteners, which are used to hold objects together and can be removed or disconnected whenever necessary. All threaded fasteners can be categorized into three types, namely bolts, screws, and studs. A bolt has a head on one end and is threaded at the other, and is paired with a nut to hold components together. Screws are a bit similar to bolts, used to join two mating parts together. However, screws generally have longer threads than bolts and are manufactured with slotted heads. The slotted heads allow for the use of screwdrivers to insert and remove screws easily. A stud is a double-end threaded rod used to join two mating parts. A nut is usually used on the protruding end to hold the stud firmly. A few examples of threaded fasteners are machine screws, wood screws, eye bolts, carriage bolts, lag screws, sheet metal screws, elevator bolts, U-bolts, and hex bolts.

Non-threaded fasteners or general fasteners are semi-permanent or permanent joining components. These include rivets, pins, keys, clamps, O-rings, E-clips, retaining rings, moulding fasteners, etc., and are often associated with shafts. Rivets are considered permanent fasteners, as removing a rivet usually causes damage to the components being held together, and to the rivet itself. Fasteners have many applications, from domestic and household product production to industrial uses. Their industrial applications include the usage of three major types of fasteners- stainless steel fasteners, carbon steel fasteners and alloy steel fasteners. Various factors are considered in choosing the right type of industrial fastener, like accessibility, materials to be joined, weight restrictions and reusability. Most manufacturers of fasteners in the UAE offer a range of variations to choose from, for special and general applications. These variations include base material- generally titanium, aluminium, carbon, and other alloys, and special coating or plating to improve their characteristics, such as chrome, zinc, and hot-dip galvanizing.

Market restrictions and quality standard requirements for hardware like fasteners in the UAE ensures the restriction of low-quality fasteners from entering the market. A fastener manufacturers, importers, stockists and suppliers of industrial grade fasteners in the UAE are located on Nakheel Road and Yusuf Baqer Road in Dubai, Airport Road in Ras Al Khaimah, and the Sharjah Industrial Area.

Bolts and nutsFastenersWashers

Premium Fasteners & Fixings for Dubai: Screws, Nuts, Bolts & More

Industrial fasteners are mechanisms used to join multiple items together. Their demand has consistently risen, particularly in the automotive and construction sectors. Explore the vast array of fastener types through our recommended suppliers. These suppliers offer a diverse range of fastener sizes. Notably, materials like titanium and superalloys stand out for their superior corrosion resistance, longevity, and impressive strength-to-weight characteristics. The importance of quality standards like ISO and ASTM for fasteners has grown, especially in critical applications like aerospace and automotive. Regulations ensure consistency, reliability, and safety.

Top-Quality Fasteners & Fixings: Essential Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

Screws, nuts, and bolts are fundamental fasteners frequently utilized in our day-to-day tasks. They come in finishes such as bright zinc plated, yellow passivated, and plain. Additionally, our recommended suppliers offer selections in stainless steel and brass. These suppliers also provide a diverse assortment of fastener heads, including hexagon, hexagon flange bolt, mushroom screw neck, slotted cheese head, pan head, pozi raised, flat head, and socket button heads, among others.

Durable Metal Fasteners: Best for Strong & Secure Connections

Metal fasteners offer robust, long-lasting, and reliable linkages between items. Their carbon steel tip paired with a lead thread guarantees exceptional tapping properties. Setting them up is quick and straightforward. These fasteners boast a head diameter of 6.3mm, a tensile strength of 19.3kN, and a shear strength of 15.1kN. Hammer-fix screws are perfectly suited for concrete and are frequently employed in masonry work.

Stainless Steel Fasteners - Corrosion Testing

The distinctively patented twist velocity shank offers outstanding driving capabilities combined with increased longevity, and it comes in a stainless steel finish. These are notably resistant to corrosion. Their superior thread grip ensures the screw/fixing remains securely in place making it easy to use.

Dubai Industrial Fastener Distributors

If you're in search of dependable fastener suppliers and distributors in the industry, you're at the perfect destination. Yellowpages features an extensive list of companies providing a wide array of fasteners. This includes various types of nuts, precision plastic components, blind rivets, self-clinching nuts, all sorts of screws, sheet metal screws, spacers, security screws, and self-locking nuts.

  • Coating Types for Fasteners: Includes surface finishing options like electroplated zinc, zinc plating, zinc-nickel coatings, and methods to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Processes in Fastener Production: Encompasses multi-spindle bar turning, multi-stage cold heading processes, heat treating, SEMS unit assembly, various surface finishing techniques, and thread rolling methods.

Bolts and Nuts Suppliers in UAE

Bolts and nuts are indispensable tools in various operations, particularly prevalent in the construction, manufacturing and automotive sectors. The market offers a diverse range of fasteners, including:

  • Bolts and Screw Fasteners
  • Socket Screw Fasteners
  • Nut Fasteners
  • Washer Fasteners
  • Machine Screw Fasteners
  • Threaded Rods & Bars Fasteners
  • Security Fasteners
  • Unbrako Fasteners
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Nylon Fasteners
  • Furniture Fasteners
  • Knurled Fasteners, among others.

Dubai Hardware Fastening Solutions

Providers of hardware fastening solutions in Dubai offer an extensive selection of top-quality hardware items. Their range of fasteners includes unique types such as:

  • Window Fasteners: Specifically designed for doors and windows, these fasteners excel in drilling performance.
  • Gripping Fasteners: Woodscrews featuring a reinforced head for enhanced strength, equipped with a sharp 40-degree thread angle.
  • General Fasteners: Standard screws and fixings made of stainless steel, including nuts, bolts, washers, and self-tapping screws.
  • Security Fasteners: Fasteners with specialized heads for a permanent fix, enhancing security.
  • Bimetal Fasteners: Tailored for the uPVC window industry, these fasteners are specifically designed for durability and efficiency.

High-Quality Fasteners Retailers Dubai

Listed fastener retailers in Dubai supply the best quality screws and anchors, nuts and bolts. Their extensive selection of fasteners includes structural bolting, general bolting, nuts and washers, sockets, fixings, studding, blind bolts and many more. They supply all kinds of stainless steel fasteners for construction projects.

Fasteners Brands in Dubai, UAE

FOBORY FastenersOman Ocean Tradng LLC050-4509347
HILTI FastenersOman Ocean Trading LLC04-2298311
PRIME FastenersAl Sherouq Industries LLC055-6961522
DECORUM FastenersAl Milad Hardware Trading052-9911452
FKE ALLEN BOLTS TAIWANMohsin Hardware Trading Company LLC055-8662874
ISAN FastenersMufaddak shabbir Building Material Trading LLC056-5087508
FISCHER FastenersTitanic Trading LLC055-3624305

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