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About Locks

Comprehensive Door Lock Ranges for all Applications

Door locks are used for securing doors. They often require a key, a code, or a fingerprint for access. The main purpose is to allow only authorized people to enter a room. Here are some of the best suppliers and dealers of door locks in the UAE.

Lever Locks and Latches

Branded lever locks and latches are made using various techniques to fit different types of doors and projects. They include both 5-lever and 3-lever locks. These locks have been tested and can be used on fire doors made of timber (lasting 30 and 60 minutes in a fire) and on steel fire doors that can withstand a fire for 4 hours. There are different types of locks available in the market.

Different Types of Locks

Fire door lock

Fire door locks are designed to resist high heat and remain strong during a fire. They are specifically tested for use on fire-resistant doors, ensuring they help contain the spread of fire and smoke. These locks are crucial for maintaining the integrity of fire doors, which play a key role in building safety during emergencies.

CE mortise lock

CE mortise locks are built to meet strict European standards for safety and durability. They fit neatly into a door's edge, offering robust security and precision. These locks are versatile, suitable for various door types and are recognized for their reliability and high-quality construction.

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks provide strong security by using a thick bolt that slides into the door frame. They're harder to tamper with compared to basic locks. Deadbolts can be key-operated from the outside and often have a thumb turn on the inside. They're a popular choice for adding extra safety to doors.

Bathroom door lock

Bathroom door locks are designed for privacy rather than high security. They typically have an easy-to-use turn or push button from the inside and can often be opened from the outside in an emergency, usually with a coin or a screwdriver. These locks are simple, effective and prioritize quick access.

Narrow stile lock

Narrow stile locks are made for doors with slim frames, like glass or aluminium doors. They have a compact design but still offer good security. These locks are versatile, fitting well in limited space without compromising the door's function or appearance. They're ideal for modern, sleek door designs.

Commercial door lock

Commercial door locks are built for heavy use and extra security in business settings. They often handle high traffic, are more durable, and have advanced features like keypads or card access. These locks are designed to withstand frequent use and provide robust security for commercial properties.

Door lock for classroom

Classroom door locks prioritize safety and ease of use. They often feature lockdown capabilities for emergencies, allowing teachers to secure the door quickly from inside. These locks balance accessibility for everyday use with enhanced security features to protect students and staff.

Passage door lock

Passage door locks are designed for easy access rather than security. They typically don't lock but allow free passage from both sides, making them ideal for interior doors like those in hallways or common areas. They provide a basic latching mechanism to keep doors closed when needed.

ANSI mortise lock

ANSI mortise locks meet rigorous American National Standards Institute specifications for durability and security. These locks are deeply embedded in the door, offering robust protection. They're versatile, fitting a range of door types and are known for their longevity and reliability in high-use settings.

Tubular lock

Tubular locks are known for their simple, cylindrical design, making them easy to install and use. They are commonly found on residential doors and internal doors in commercial buildings. These locks are compact and provide a basic level of security, suitable for areas where high security is not a priority.

Cylindrical lock

Cylindrical locks are popular for their easy installation and reliable operation. They fit into a circular hole in the door, making them a common choice for many residential and commercial buildings. These locks offer a good balance of security and simplicity and are known for their durability in everyday use.

Hotel Room Door Locks

Keyless hotel door lock

Keyless hotel door locks offer secure, convenient access without traditional keys. They typically use cards, keypads or mobile devices for entry, enhancing guest convenience and safety. These locks often feature advanced technologies like audit trails and easy reprogramming, making them ideal for the dynamic environment of hotels.

RFID hotel door lock

RFID hotel door locks use wireless technology for secure, keyless entry. Guests use RFID cards that just need to be waved near the lock for access. These locks enhance security with unique codes for each card and offer quick, convenient entry. They're easy to manage for hotel staff, allowing for swift reprogramming for new guests.

Bluetooth door lock

Bluetooth door locks enable keyless entry using smartphones. They pair with a phone app, allowing you to unlock the door wirelessly. These locks offer convenience, as you don't need physical keys and they often include features like remote access and usage tracking for added security and control.

Tuya smart door lock suppliers

Tuya smart door locks integrate with the Tuya smart home ecosystem, offering advanced control and convenience. They enable keyless entry through various methods like fingerprints, codes, or smartphone apps. These locks offer remote access, usage monitoring, and easy integration with other smart home devices, enhancing both security and home automation.

Fingerprint cabinet lock suppliers

Fingerprint cabinet locks offer secure access without keys, using just a fingerprint. They're highly convenient and quick to open, making them ideal for personal or sensitive items. These locks provide enhanced security as they're specific to individual fingerprints, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Digital locker lock suppliers

Digital locker locks provide keyless security, often using codes, cards, or biometrics for access. They offer customizable user settings and can be easily reprogrammed for different users. These locks are user-friendly, secure, and ideal for public or shared spaces like gyms, schools, or offices.

Weiser lock suppliers

Weiser locks are known for their blend of security, innovation, and style. They offer a range of locking solutions, including traditional key locks, keyless entry, and smart lock technology. These locks are designed for both security and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking for reliability and elegance.

Schlage lock suppliers

Schlage locks are renowned for their durability and high-security standards. They offer a wide range of products, from traditional keyed locks to advanced smart locks integrated with home automation systems. These locks are designed for both residential and commercial use, providing robust protection and innovative features like keyless entry and remote access.

Kwikset lock suppliers

Kwikset locks are popular for their innovative security features and ease of use. They offer smart lock technology, allowing for keyless entry and remote control. These locks are also known for their SmartKey technology, which lets you re-key the lock yourself quickly and easily. They provide a good balance of convenience, style, and security for homes.

Defiant lock suppliers

Defiant locks are known for their affordability and reliable security. They offer basic features needed for home security, like sturdy construction and tamper-resistant designs. These locks are a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for effective and straightforward locking solutions.

Tuya Lock

Tuya locks are smart, connected devices that offer keyless entry and integrate with the Tuya smart home platform. They support various access methods, including codes, fingerprints, and smartphone control. These locks are known for their convenience, allowing for remote access, user tracking, and easy integration with other smart home devices for a seamless experience.

Camera door lock

Camera door locks combine security features with real-time video surveillance. They typically include a camera that lets you see who's at the door, often accessible via a smartphone app. These locks enhance safety by allowing visual verification before granting access and they often include features like motion detection and recording.

Automatic door lock suppliers

Automatic door locks provide hands-free, convenient security. They can lock or unlock doors automatically based on pre-set criteria, like time or proximity. These locks are ideal for smart home setups, offering enhanced security with features like remote control and integration with home automation systems.

Face recognition door lock suppliers

Face recognition door locks use advanced biometric technology to identify individuals by their facial features. They offer keyless, secure access and are highly convenient, as no physical key or code is required. These locks provide enhanced security by ensuring only recognized faces can unlock the door, making them ideal for high-security areas.

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks offer keyless entry, typically using codes, cards, or biometric inputs like fingerprints. They provide convenience and improved security over traditional locks, with features like remote access and user-specific access control. These locks are versatile, suitable for both residential and commercial settings and often integrate with smart home systems.


A lock is a security device that is used to secure important items or access to private property. Locks are used to restrict access for both safety and security purposes, or to protect property from being misused. A Lock can secure or grant access to property or use of items with the help of a key. While most locking devicesneed a physical key to open and close, some of them are controlled with a secure code, password or an electronic key. The locks used today use unique types of locking mechanisms and technology to achieve their goal. This includes a range of mechanical and electronic locks, lock controls and keys.

Most locks that are used today can be classified into devices with physical keys and those with electronic keys. The type with physical keys use different kinds of locking mechanisms that comprise of locking components like levers and discs. Warded, pin tumbler, disc tumbler, lever tumbler and wafer tumbler locks are a few common types. Some other types of the device include door, deadbolt, mortise, lever handle, door knob, cam and padlocks. Lock mechanisms with electronic keys are usually connected to an access control system. They need an electric power supply to work and use the pins and tumblers like normal locking systems do, with a few extra parts. These mechanisms use a motorcalled an actuator to control the locking function of the device. Keys like RF cards, key codes, finger prints and wireless protocols are used to control these locks.

Electronic, standard and other special types of locks are supplied by lock and hardware dealers in the UAE. Hardware stores that specially deal locking mechanisms and locks in UAE are located across the region at places like Nasr Square in Diera and Port Saeed in Dubai, and SAIF Zone in Sharjah.

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