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Condenser Coils in Dubai

About Condenser Coils

Condenser Coils

The Emirates of UAE fall under the most expensive cities in the world and about $13.5 billion worth active construction is taking place in UAE. With that, all the accessories to the construction industry are also in high demand. One of such accessories is the Air conditioning units which are on high demand in sales. The exponential sales growth of AC increases the demand for AC repair and maintenance services as well. A condenser is a Component in Air conditioner which condenses the refrigerant like Freon or Puron from its gaseous state to its liquid state. A condenser absorbs heat and cools down the refrigerant and acts as a heat exchanger.

The absorbed heat is then released into the outside atmosphere. The capacity of a condenser depends upon its design and size. A condenser could be designed for a small home or a medium scale office or even for a big industry. A condenser coil is typically made up of copper or other metals that easily transfer the heat. These coils take out the excess amount of heat out of the cooling system. In order to achieve efficient cooling, the condenser coils must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

There are two sets of condenser coils in a cooling system, Interior and exterior coils. The outside unit receives more dust and dirt but they are easy to clean. There are many commercial cleaning products and solution available to do that but it is advisable to get a certified technician's help for the job of interior condenser coil cleaning. There are many companies who manufacture and trade condenser coils and also provide HVAC specialist solutions to repair and maintain the condenser coils. The popular places to look for condenser coils in UAE are Deira Dubai, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Al Jurf Ajman and Mussafah Abu Dhabi.

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