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Insulated Panels in Dubai

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About Insulated Panels

Protected Panels are divider boards that gives control over the indoor / room temperature. Normally a insulation material is sandwiched between gypsum sheets or plywood. The material for insulation is carefully chosen based on the structural requirement. The structure may need highest insulation, say - large scale freezer room, or medium, say - construction site to protect workers from extreme temperatures. The prevalent insulation mediums are expanded polystyrene, polyurethane and a couple of others. Oriented strand board are the typically used as the external boards for the insulated panels. Gypsum board and plywood are likewise utilized for quality and cost reasons. The sheets are stuck together with the insulation material, layer by layer according to the prerequisites. Weight is applied evenly over the surface of the board to stick well with the insulation medium. Following four to five minutes of nonstop pressure, it will be let to dry. At this point, the side will be un-even and we need to trim the edges and convey it to a legitimate shape. Association fittings are added, so that its easy for installing in the building locales. The uncovered edge of the panels are secured with thin sheets of plywood or the gypsum sheet.

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