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Lockers in UAE

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Office 512, Sapphire Tower, Port Saeed, DeiraDubai, UAE 81474
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A-2/4, SAIF ZoneSharjah, UAE 8549
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About Lockers


A locker is a static compact storage unit used to store personal items, a change of clothes, excess baggage and valuables. These features are commonly found in places like factories, stadiums, schools, banks and travel hubs. These units are narrow storage compartments commonly found in large numbers and are used by members of an institute or the public. There are many types of lockers that vary in their features like purpose, size, construction and security. In general, these storage units are narrow, to make an efficient use of a limited space. Unlike cabinets or cupboards, lockers are fitted with locks or support the use of a padlock. Lockers in public places are usually rented out for private use for a specific period of time or for repeated use.

The most common types of lockers include school, employee, police, stadium, bicycle, gun, and secure lockers. School lockers may be single or two-tier installments, and are usually fitted with shelves to store books, stationery and personal items. Schools lockers also have a hanging space to store uniform jackets, jerseys and other items. The employee type is found in many types of work places from factories to hospitals. Police or services lockers are usually extra wide and are found at a police station and a fire house. These locker units are fitted with compartments and shelves, behind a single door, to store work equipment and personal items. Secure lockers are found in places like banks, with private locker units in the bank’s vault or secure storage facility.

Apart from these types of lockers, a few other types include perforated, laundry, backpack, military, and waterproof lockers. There are several manufacturers, importers and stockists that deal with all these types of lockers in UAE. This includes some of the biggest names in the market for lockers, some of which have outlets at places like Baniyas Square in Dubai and SAIF Zone in Sharjah.