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Stained Glass in UAE

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About Stained Glass

Stained Glass in UAE

Stained glass is nothing but the high-quality colored glass that are most commonly used as a decorative element to the house. Most of the ornamental or pictorial windows are made up of stained glasses. Glasses play a vital role in our life and they are widely applied over in many applications like screens, computers, televisions. Stained glass is the best option for decoration and privacy. They let the natural light enter the house from outside. They make the perfect replacement for curtains at home. They let the right amount of sunlight enter in to your home and gives a soothing atmosphere to your living space. Listed are the top Stained-glass suppliers and dealers in UAE. All of their stained glasses are hand crafted and unique. Stained glass and abstract windows add richness to your home. Beveled glass windows and stained-glass windows are ideal for cathedral and auditoriums. Stained glasses are much affordable and are widely used in many places. Stained glass is much prettier than the normal glass windows are you can add any kind of architectural and artistic designs ad per our choice. Stained glasses are much durable and easy to maintain. Get in touch with the top dealers and suppliers of stained glass in UAE.

Stained glass are the colored or painted glass usually used in the windows for interior designing purpose. While the glass is in the molten state, they use metaliic oxides to create unique colored designs on the glass thus making it stained glass. Stained glass refers to the window glasses that holds ornamental or pictorial images. Listed are the best stained glass suppliers who use high end stained glass grinders to manufacture the most stunning stained glass. Stained glass are fragile enough to get damaged easily. Cracks develoepd in stained glass can be repaired easily. Generally the purpose f the windows is to allow people to view outside. But stained glass allows light but not view. This makes them ideal to be use on the top windows of churches. Listed manufcatures and dealers of stained glass deal with leaded glass, stianed mirror, bevelled glassm faux stained glass, religious stained glassm art and science stained glass and reflection glass.

  • Will the color of stained glass fade away?

    Custom made stained glass if properly maintained will last for lifetime. However stained glass are manufactured using different methods like glazing, laminating, painting etc. Painted stained glass when not baked at the right right temperature may fade upon continuous exposure to UV light.

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