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Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 36162
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Plot 47 & 48, M 37, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 28024
Near National Lube Svce Station, Ring Rd, Indl Area 10Sharjah, UAE 19960
Caterpillar Rd, Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 27830
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M 10, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 76337
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Al Ramool, RashidiyaDubai, UAE 10631
Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 22874
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Bhnd Caterpillar S/Room, BMW Rd, Indl Area 3Sharjah, UAE 35495
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Al Kharbash Bldg, Ras Al Khor Rd, Aweer Indl AreaDubai, UAE 60297
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Near Etisalat W/House, Ras Al Khor Indl Area, AweerDubai, UAE 32910
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About Truck

A truck is commonly used for commercial applications such as for goods haulage and liquid or gas transportation. They are also known as lorries and come in different designs for different applications. They are equipped with high displacement engines and are mechanically similar to most automobiles. Commercial trucks are large and powerful as they are configured to haul large heavy equipment which is best suited for other similar applications as well. For example, fire trucks are constructed with a large water tank and hoses. Most modern vehicles are driven by diesel engines which are relatively large in size. Unlike olden days diesel engines are designed in a more compact manner and are relatively easy to maintain.

There are different types of lorries used today; they are classified on the basis of their application and complex design. Application-based trucks include ultra light trucks, very light trucks, light trucks, medium haulage trucks, heavy-duty trucks, off-road trucks and ultra heavy duty trucks. Ultralight trucks are cars designed with a relatively large boot space. These machines are designed for off-highway applications as they are relatively small in size. Most of them are equipped with a battery-powered engine and they are similar to golf tucks in design. Very light trucks are compact lorries which are used for recreational purposes and light commercial activities. These vehicles are usually governed by a speed limiter which restricts the speed of the vehicle. They are commonly used in large campuses, agricultural applications, road utility applications, maintenance applications, cattle ranches and other agricultural applications.

Light trucks are nothing but pick up trucks or multi-utility vehicles which can be used for both commercial and recreational activities. They are relatively larger than light trucks and are widely used for light to medium commercial applications. Medium trucks are used for medium to medium-heavy commercial applications. Most of them are attached to large covered storage trailers which are used to store large goods. Some lorries are attached to a small refrigeration devices which are used to store perishable goods. Medium sized lorries weight between 4,500 to 7,000 kgs and are designed to haul goods which weigh around 6,000 kgs. Heavy trucks are designed to perform heavy duty applications such as for construction, heavy haulage and industrial use. Most heavy trucks are designed with a large drivers cabin with sufficient space for sleeping. They can be attached to large storage trailers, tankers and much more.

Truck rental companies help customers choose the right type of vehicle to move goods. They also provide different grades of containers to suit the material to be transported. For example, if the customer wants to transport inflammable material they will provide a container tank with anti-corrosive properties. Truck transportation has become more of a commercial option in today's world. There are two major types of operators which include for-hire carriers and private carriers. The for-hire carriers deal with providing services for business transportation for a considerable fee. Whereas private carriers provide their own trucks for owning or leasing them accordingly. Most companies prefer private trucking operations as they are very reliable and easy to access service. Some popular locations to find truck retailers in the UAE are Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Sanaya, Industrial area 3.