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Water Jet in UAE - Industry Leading Suppliers UAE

Behind Falcon Pack, Industrial Area 15Sharjah, UAE 50207
Warehouse No. 19, Behind Dubai Driving School, DIP -2Dubai, UAE 53319
WA/1, Asteco Warehouse, DIP 1Jebel Ali, UAE 474240

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Water JetWater Jet Cutting Services
About Water Jet

Metals and other materials are sliced using a water jet in UAE, using high velocity and pressure water as well as an abrasive substance. It is considered a "green" technology. Water jet process is used in cutting, shaping, carving, and reaming. It is also used for fabrication and manufacturing of machinery. From mining to aerospace, a wide range of industries use water jets. A water jet can cut through a material without destroying its inherent structure. This doesn’t change the intrinsic properties of the materials. Using specialized software and, complex 3-D shapes can also be achieved through a water jet.

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