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Powder Coating in UAE

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Powder Coating, Wet Coatings

Saih Shuaib 3, Dubai Industrial CityDubai, UAE 37598
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Near Karachi Palace Restaurant, Industrial Area 2Ajman, UAE 16615
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Industrial Area 13Sharjah, UAE 1633
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Warehouse No 06, Al Hathboor Bldg, 24th Ras Al Khor St, Industrial Area 1Dubai, UAE 11710
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Industrial Area 2Ajman, UAE

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Powder CoatingCorrosion Inhibitor Powder
Industrial Area 10Sharjah, UAE
Logo for  Noble Metal Coating LLC - Powder Coating Suppliers in UAE
Street No. 27, Behind Sharjah Tabliq Markaz, Industrial Area 10Sharjah, UAE 150234
Office 4, Opp ADCB, Industrial Area 5Sharjah, UAE 31037

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Stainless SteelPowder CoatingSteel Fabrication
Logo for  Modern Seal Insulation Contracting LLC - Powder Coating Suppliers in UAE
Qusais Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 172797


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About Powder Coating

Powder coating in UAE is offered by many coaters in the country. Powder coating started as a finishing technique on metals but now the method is used to coat ceramics, plastics and also wood. Powder coating refers to a finishing technique that is durable, decorative and long lasting. It has its application in almost any industry. It can be done in almost any colour or finish in matte or smooth. Products with powder coating are rust-free, scratch resistant and also environment friendly. Products that are usually powder coated includes garden equipment, swing sets, patio furniture and outdoor barbeques. These products appear to be painted, but actually they go through a process of dry finishing.

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