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505, Bin Soughat Building, Salahuddin Street, MuraqqabadDXB91939
Brands: BAILEY Chimney RodsBAILEY Drain RodsBAILEY Pvc Duct Rods|BAILEY Sewer Retrieval KitsBAILEY Stopping PlugsBAILEY Testing PlugsBANNER AmplifiersBANNER AutomationBANNER ConvertersBANNER Fibre Optic SensorsBANNER Photo Electric SensorsBANNER SensorsBANNER SwitchesBANNER Temperature SensorBANNER Vibration SensorBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) ActuatorsBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) AutomationBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) DcsBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) DrivesBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) HmiBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) InstrumentationBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) I/O SystemsBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Motor ControlsBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) MotorsBERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) PlcBOSCH REXROTH ControllersBOSCH REXROTH DrivesBOSCH REXROTH ElectricalBOSCH REXROTH Electrical DrivesBOSCH REXROTH Gear BoxBOSCH REXROTH HmiBOSCH REXROTH HydraulicsBOSCH REXROTH MotorsCARLO GAVAZZI AutomationCARLO GAVAZZI Current TransformersCARLO GAVAZZI Energy MetersCARLO GAVAZZI InstrumentationCARLO GAVAZZI RelaysCARLO GAVAZZI SensorsCARLO GAVAZZI Soft StartersCARLO GAVAZZI Solid State RelaysCARLO GAVAZZI TimersCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Ac DriveCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Ac MotorCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) AutomationCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Dc DrivesCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) DrivesCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) ElectricalCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) MotorsCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Servo DriveCONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Servo MotorsCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) ActuatorsCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Automatic Transfer SwitchCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) AutomationCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Cable GlandsCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Cable TraysCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) ContactorsCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) ElectricalCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) EnclosuresCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Hmi StartersCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) InvertersCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) RelaysCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) SensorsCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) SwitchesCUTLER HAMMER (EATON) UpsDUNGS Automatic Burner ControlsDUNGS Ball ValveDUNGS FiltersDUNGS Gas Flow MeterDUNGS InstrumentationDUNGS Pressure RegulatorsDUNGS Pressure SwitchesDUNGS Shut Off ValvesDUNGS Solenoid ValvesDUNGS Vent ValvesEBM PAPST Axial FansEBM PAPST BlowersEBM PAPST Centirifugal FansEBM PAPST Compact FansEBM PAPST DrivesEBM PAPST FansEBM PAPST MechanicalEBM PAPST MotorsEBM PAPST PumpsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) ActuatorsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) BoostersFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) High Pressure RegulatorsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Precision Pressure RegulatorsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Pressure TransmittersFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) RegulatorsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) RelaysFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) SemiconductorsFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) TransducersFAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Vaccuum RegulatorsGEFRAN ControllersGEFRAN HmiGEFRAN IndicatorsGEFRAN Position SensorGEFRAN Pressure SensoGEFRAN SensorsGEFRAN Solid State RelaysHYDAC Air CollersHYDAC Cooling SystemsHYDAC DampersHYDAC Data RecordersHYDAC FiltersHYDAC HydraulicHYDAC Hydraulic AccumulatorsHYDAC InstrumentationHYDAC Level GaugesHYDAC MechanicalHYDAC PumpsHYDAC SensorsHYDAC ValvesINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) AmplifiersINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) AutomationINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) ControllersINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) DrivesINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) HmiINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) InstrumentationINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) MotorsINDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Power SupplyKRAUS and NAIMER Ac/Dc DisconnectorsKRAUS and NAIMER Control SwitchKRAUS and NAIMER ElectricalKRAUS and NAIMER Load SwitchKRAUS and NAIMER Main SwitchKRAUS and NAIMER SwitchesLENZE AutomationLENZE ControllersLENZE HmiLENZE InstrumentationLENZE InvertersLENZE I/O SystemsLENZE MotorsLENZE Power SupplyLENZE Servo MotorsLEUZE AutomationLEUZE Cables And ConnectorsLEUZE Capacitive SensorsLEUZE ElectricalLEUZE Fibre OpticsLEUZE Inductive SensorsLEUZE Measuring SensorsLEUZE Optical SensorsLEUZE SensorsLEUZE Switching SensorsLITTELFUSE Automotive sensorsLITTELFUSE BreakersLITTELFUSE CapacitorsLITTELFUSE DiodesLITTELFUSE ElectricalLITTELFUSE FusesLITTELFUSE RelaysLITTELFUSE ResistorsLITTELFUSE SensorsLITTELFUSE Solid State RelaysLITTELFUSE SwitchesLITTELFUSE ThyristorsLOVATO ELECTRIC AutomationLOVATO ELECTRIC ContactorsLOVATO ELECTRIC ControllersLOVATO ELECTRIC DrivesLOVATO ELECTRIC ElectricalLOVATO ELECTRIC FuseLOVATO ELECTRIC HmiLOVATO ELECTRIC PlcLOVATO ELECTRIC Power SupplyLOVATO ELECTRIC RelaysLOVATO ELECTRIC StartersLOVATO ELECTRIC SwitchesLOVATO ELECTRIC TransformersMEANWELL Ac/Dc Power SupplyMEANWELL AutomationMEANWELL Dc/Ac Power SupplyMEANWELL Din RailMEANWELL DriversMEANWELL ElectricalMEANWELL FansMEANWELL Power SupplyMOOG VALVE Axis Control ValvesMOOG VALVE Control ValvesMOOG VALVE Proportional ValvesMOOG VALVE Servo ValvesMOOG VALVE ValvesMSA AutomationMSA Combustion AnalysisMSA Fixed Gas DetectorsMSA Flame DetectorsMSA InstrumentationMSA Personal Protective EquipmentMSA Portable Gas DetectorsMSA Refrigerant Gas Leak DetectorsMSA RespiratorsMSA Safety Gas DetectorsMSA Thermal ImagingMURR ELEKTRONIK Buffer ModulesMURR ELEKTRONIK ElectricalMURR ELEKTRONIK ElectronicsMURR ELEKTRONIK Emc FiltersMURR ELEKTRONIK Opto CouplersMURR ELEKTRONIK Power SupplyMURR ELEKTRONIK RelaysMURR ELEKTRONIK SwitchesMURR ELEKTRONIK TransformersMURR ELEKTRONIK Ups ModulesPIZZATO AutomationPIZZATO Human Machine InterfacePIZZATO InstrumentationPIZZATO Position SwicthesPIZZATO Safety ModulesPIZZATO Safety SensorsPIZZATO SensorsPIZZATO SwicthesPOTTER and BRUMFIELD AutomationPOTTER and BRUMFIELD Circuit BrekersPOTTER and BRUMFIELD ConnectorsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD ContactorsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD ElectricalPOTTER and BRUMFIELD Fibre OpticsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD InductorsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD Power MetersPOTTER and BRUMFIELD RelaysPOTTER and BRUMFIELD ResistorsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD SensorsPOTTER and BRUMFIELD SwitchesSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) DiodesSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) ElectricalSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) ElectronicsSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) FansSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) IgbtSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) ModulesSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) MosfetSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Motor DrivesSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Power SupplySEMIKRON (DANFOSS) RectifierSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) ThyristorSEMIKRON (DANFOSS) UpsSUNX AutomationSUNX Displacement SensorsSUNX Fibre Optic CablesSUNX InstrumentationSUNX Photo Electric SensorsSUNX Proximity SensorsSUNX Safety Light CurtainSUNX SensorsTERASAKI Air Circuit BreakersTERASAKI Circuit BreakersTERASAKI Control SystemsTERASAKI ElectricalTERASAKI Moulded Case BreakersTERASAKI Power Distribution SystemTRUMETER AutomationTRUMETER CountersTRUMETER Current MetersTRUMETER EncodersTRUMETER Flow IndicatorTRUMETER MetersTRUMETER Power MetersTRUMETER RelaysTRUMETER Temperature MetersTRUMETER TimersYASKAWA Ac DrivesYASKAWA AutomationYASKAWA ControllersYASKAWA InstrumentationYASKAWA Motion ControllersYASKAWA Servo MotorsYASKAWA SwitchesZIEHL ABEG Axial FansZIEHL ABEG Centrofugal FansZIEHL ABEG ControllersZIEHL ABEG Control ModulesZIEHL ABEG DrivesZIEHL ABEG ElectricalZIEHL ABEG FansZIEHL ABEG InvertersZIEHL ABEG MechanicalZIEHL ABEG MotorsZIEHL ABEG SensorsRead More...
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Office 3/4, M 9, Mussafah Indl AreaADH105065
Products & Services : Rubber FenderRadiator HosesAnti Vibration MountingsPneumatic Push Fittings and HosesPressure Regulators, Water Flow MetersPillow Block and Plummer Block BearingsNeedle Roller BearingsTaper Roller BearingsSpherical Roller BearingsSpur Gears and Helical GearsHeater and Heater ElementsGasket SheetsRubber Sheet Neoprene and EPDMGland Packing and Ceramic Fiber RopeSilicon Hoses BlueBrake and Clutch Liner FabricationActuator Valves Electric and PneumaticShim SheetOil Seals and Pneumatic SealsO Ring and O Ring CodeCooling Tower Fan and BladeSolenoid Valve and CoilPneumatic Cylinder and Pneumatic JackIndustrial Roller Chain and SprocketsMotor Pulley and V BeltsMotor Coupling and ElementsPressure Sensor-Pressure TransmittersMagnetic Level Float Switch-Side MountedDura Flex CouplingsSpringsPower Transmission EquipmentMechanical SealsHydraulic SealsHoses And FittingsGear MotorsBearingsBag FiltersPressure GaugesHydraulic Equipment Tools And SuppliesFiltersLayflat HoseFuel HosesIndustrial HosesSS Floating BallGreasePu PadsProximity SensorsThermostatSpacer Disc CouplingsV Ban Clamps and Turbo ClampsRexnord Omega CouplingsCentaflex CouplingsTP Wood Coupling and ElementsPlastic Cable ChainDiaphragmsStarter Motors and RelayBattery and AccessoriesRubber BeadingsExpansion Bellows SSHoses and BeltingRead More...
Brands: ABBA Ball Screw BearingsABBA Linear BearingsACE Pneumatic or Hydraulic Springs|AFRISO Level Indicator GaugeAIGNEP CylinderAIGNEP SolenoidsAIRA Solenoid Valves and CoilsAIRTAC Pneumatic ProductsASAHI BearingsATLASCOPCO Air Compressor PartsATOS On Off Valve and CoilsAUTONICS Proximity SensorsAUTONICS Temperature ControllerAVENTICS Pneumatic CylindersAVENTICS Pressure RegulatorsBALDWN FiltersBANDO BeltsBEST TANK Pressure Vessel Rubber BladderBLACKBELT BeltsB METER Water Flow MetersBOWEX Elastic CouplingsBRANNAN ThermometerBURGMANN Mechanical SealBURKERT Measurement and Control For Liquids and GasesCAMOZZI Pneumatic Solenoid ValveCATERPILLER Hydraulic Pumps AftermarketCATLOW Fuel NozzleCEME Solenoid Valves and CoilsCENTAFLEX CouplingsCHALWYN Shut Off ValveCONBRACO Apollo ValvesCONTINENTAL Air Bellow or Air SpringCR Oil SealCUMMINS Engine Spare PartsDANFOSS Pressure SwitchDANFOSS Solenoid ValveDAYCO V BeltsDELCO REMY RelayDELCO REMY Starter MotorsDONALDSON FiltersDUNLOP BeltsDURITE Auto Electrical PartsEATON Hydraulic Systems and ComponentsELPI Fuel, Oil, Temp and Amps MetersEMERSON Valves, Controls and System ProductsENERPAC Hydraulic JackFENNER Power Twist Plus V BeltFESTO Filter RegulatorFESTO Pneumatic CylinderFESTO Pneumatic Fittings and TubeFESTO Solenoid ValveFILL RITE Fuel Flow Meter and Fuel GunFILL RITE Fuel PumpFLEET GUARD FiltersFYH BearingsGATESBELT BeltsGEMU Solenoid ValvesGRAINGER Exhaust Rain CapsGRANDFOS Mechanical SealHAWE HYDRAULIK Hydraulic Motors and PumpsHAWE HYDRAULIK Hydraulic ValvesHAWK Hydraulic Pressure Washer PumpsHAWK Pressure Unloader ValvesHCT Fan ControllerHIWIN Linear Motion BearingsHOGLLER Pressure TransmitterHP HYDROLINE Hydraulic Air BreatherHUMVEE Spare PartsHYDAC FiltersIKO BearingsINA BearingsITALFLEX HosesJABSCO PumpsJABSCO Rubber impellerJOHN CRANE Flexible Disc or Membrane CouplingJOHN CRANE Mechanical SealKOMATSU Spare PartsKUBOTA Engine Spare PartsLINK BELT BearingsLOVEJOY CouplingsLOWARA Mechanical SealMAGNALOY Coupling and ElementsMANN FiltersMD TOTCO Tong Torque GaugeMERCURY Engine PartsMETALWORK FRL UnitMINDMAN Air Control UnitMINDMAN Directional Control ValveMITUTOYO Measuring InstrumentsNAK Oil SealNATIONAL Oil SealNELSON Rain CapsNELSON Spark ArrestorNOK Oil SealNORGREN Solenoid ValvesNSK BearingsNSV Hanger Vibration Isolator or MountingNTN-SNR BearingsOPTIBELT BeltsOPTIMA BatteryPARKER FiltersPARKER Solenoid ValvePERKINS Compressor PartsRATHI CouplingsREXNORD Couplings and BearingsREXROTH Hydraulic Direction Control ValvesREXROTH Hydraulic PumpsREXROTH Linear BearingsREXROTH Solenoid ValvesRHP BearingsROTEX CouplingsSANFORCE Gas StrutSATCHWELL ActuatorsSKF BearingsSKF LubricantsSMC CylinderSMC Electro Pneumatic PositionerSNS Hand ValvesSNS Pneumatic CylindersSNS Solenoid ValvesSTABILUS Gas StrutSTIEBER Clutch and FreewheelsSUN HYDRAULICS Electro Hydraulic ProductsTIMKEN BearingsTSUBAKI BearingsTTO Oil SealVICTOR Oxygen RegulatorsVOLVO PENTA Rubber impellerWABCO Ac CompressorWABCO Brake ValvesWATTS Temperature and Pressure Relief ValveWIKA Pressure GaugeWIKA Temperature gaugeWIX FiltersYUKEN Electro Hydraulic ValvesYUKEN Flow Controls and Check ValvesRead More...
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Shop 10, Al Aweer, Ras Al Khor RoadDXB235255