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ABB AC or DC Contactors | ABB Switch gear accessories | ALLEN BRADLEY AC or DC Control | ALLEN BRADLEY Load Switches | ALLEN BRADLEY Low Voltage Starters | ALLEN BRADLEY Process Control | ASCO Calibration and Testing | AVENTICS Pneumatic Cylinders | AVENTICS Pressure Regulators | BALLUFF Area Sensors | BALLUFF Capacitive Sensor | BALLUFF Level Sensors | BALLUFF Sensors - Industrial | BUSSMANN AC or DC Fuse | BUSSMANN HRC Fuse | EATON Control Automation | EATON Electrical Products | EATON Switch | EATON Switchgear | EATON UPS | EATON UPS and Power Disytribution Unit | EBMPAPST Auxial Fans and Blowers | EMERSON Air Conditioning Equipment and Systems | EMERSON Air Conditioning - Parts and Supplies | EMERSON Compressor Components | EMERSON Compressors | EMERSON Condensing Units and HVAC Controls | EMERSON Controls and System Products | EMERSON Electrical and Technical Spare Parts | EMERSON Valves | EMERSON ZX Units and Spare Parts | ENDRESS+HAUSER Testing and measuring Instruments | GE Electrical LV Distribution Products | GE Electric Equipment | GE Electric Switches | GE UPS | HONEYWELL AC or DC Limit Switches | HONEYWELL Sensors | IFM Sensors | KROHNE Process Control Systems | MOELLER AC or DC Automation | MOELLER Control Switchgear Products | OMRON Industrial Automation | OMRON Limit Switches | OMRON Relay Temperature Controller | PEPPERL+FUCHS Automation Equipment and Systems | SCHNEIDER DBS | SCHNEIDER ELCB | SCHNEIDER Electrical Switchgear | SCHNEIDER Electric Equipment | SCHNEIDER Industrial Automation | SCHNEIDER MCB | SEMIKRON Semiconductors | SICK AC or DC Sensors | SIEMENS AC or DC Contactors | SIEMENS MCB and VFD Drives | SMC Cable and Wire | SMC Cylinder | SMC Electro Pneumatic Positioner | SMC Lighting Fixtures | SMC Pneumatic Cylinders | SMC Pumps | SMC Solenoid Valves | TELEMECANIQUE Automation and Control | TELEMECANIQUE Electrical LV Switchgear Components | TELEMECANIQUE Industrial Automation | TELEMECANIQUE Power Control Products | WEIDMULLER AC or DC Connectors |Read More...
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AGRO Adaptors | AGRO Glands | AGRO Metallic Conduits | BAND-IT Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Bands | BARTEC Rated Control Equipment | BAUMER Encoders | BAUMER Sensors | BM METAL Crimping Terminals and Tools | BM METAL PVC and Metal Cable Glands | CCG Adaptors | CCG Explosion Proof Cable Glands | CCG Reducers | CMP Adaptors | CMP Explosion Proof Cable Glands | CMP Reducers | DG CONTROLS Rotating and Xenon Flashing Beacons | E2S Beacons and Combined Units | ERSO INDULUX Motor Sirens | ERSO INDULUX Unbreakable Rubbers Hand Lamps | FLUKE Measuring and Testing Instruments | GEWISS Industrial Plugs and Sockets | GLAMOX Flood Lights | GLAMOX Marine and Offshore Light Fittings | GLAMOX Marine Lights | GLAMOX Navigation Lights | GLAMOX Search lights | HELUKABEL Instrument and Control Cables | HUBBELL American Wiring Accessories | JOUNING BLOWER Portable Fans | JOUNING BLOWER Ventilators | MARTIN RUBBER Insulating Rubber Mats | MCT BRATTBERG Cable Transit System | MK ELECTRIC British Wiring Accessories | NATIONAL CABLES INDUSTRIES Armored Power Cables | NATIONAL CABLES INDUSTRIES Building Wires | NVENT HOFFMAN Cabinets and Accessories | ORBITEC Lamps | PERKO Navigation Lights | PERKO Search Lights | RACCO NEMA Standards Back Boxes | ROCKWELL AUTOMATION Control Equipment | ROCKWELL AUTOMATION Industrial Automation | SCHNEIDER Switchgear and Control Equipment | SES Cable Markers | SES Cable Ties | SES Heat Shrink Tubing | SPELSBERG PVC Junction Boxes | THORNLUX Light Fittings | TOP CABLE Rubber Cables | UNTEL Marine Cables | UNTEL Rubber Cables | VENTURE LIGHTING HID Lamps and Fittings | VENTURE LIGHTING LED Lamps and Fittings | WEIDMULLER Cable Ties | WEIDMULLER Stainless Steel Junction Boxes |Read More...
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BAILEY Chimney Rods | BAILEY Drain Rods | BAILEY Pvc Duct Rods | BAILEY Sewer Retrieval Kits | BAILEY Stopping Plugs | BAILEY Testing Plugs | BANNER Amplifiers | BANNER Automation | BANNER Converters | BANNER Fibre Optic Sensors | BANNER Photo Electric Sensors | BANNER Sensors | BANNER Switches | BANNER Temperature Sensor | BANNER Vibration Sensor | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Actuators | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Automation | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Dcs | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Drives | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Hmi | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Instrumentation | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) I/O Systems | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Motor Controls | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Motors | BERGER LAHR (SCHNEIDER) Plc | BOSCH REXROTH Controllers | BOSCH REXROTH Drives | BOSCH REXROTH Electrical | BOSCH REXROTH Electrical Drives | BOSCH REXROTH Gear Box | BOSCH REXROTH Hmi | BOSCH REXROTH Hydraulics | BOSCH REXROTH Motors | CARLO GAVAZZI Automation | CARLO GAVAZZI Current Transformers | CARLO GAVAZZI Energy Meters | CARLO GAVAZZI Instrumentation | CARLO GAVAZZI Relays | CARLO GAVAZZI Sensors | CARLO GAVAZZI Soft Starters | CARLO GAVAZZI Solid State Relays | CARLO GAVAZZI Timers | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Ac Drive | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Ac Motor | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Automation | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Dc Drives | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Drives | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Electrical | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Motors | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Servo Drive | CONTROL TECHNIQUES (NIDEC) Servo Motors | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Actuators | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Automatic Transfer Switch | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Automation | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Cable Glands | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Cable Trays | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Contactors | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Electrical | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Enclosures | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Hmi Starters | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Inverters | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Relays | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Sensors | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Switches | CUTLER HAMMER (EATON) Ups | DUNGS Automatic Burner Controls | DUNGS Ball Valve | DUNGS Filters | DUNGS Gas Flow Meter | DUNGS Instrumentation | DUNGS Pressure Regulators | DUNGS Pressure Switches | DUNGS Shut Off Valves | DUNGS Solenoid Valves | DUNGS Vent Valves | EBM PAPST Axial Fans | EBM PAPST Blowers | EBM PAPST Centirifugal Fans | EBM PAPST Compact Fans | EBM PAPST Drives | EBM PAPST Fans | EBM PAPST Mechanical | EBM PAPST Motors | EBM PAPST Pumps | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Actuators | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Boosters | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) High Pressure Regulators | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Precision Pressure Regulators | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Pressure Transmitters | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Regulators | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Relays | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Semiconductors | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Transducers | FAIRCHILD (ROTORK) Vaccuum Regulators | GEFRAN Controllers | GEFRAN Hmi | GEFRAN Indicators | GEFRAN Position Sensor | GEFRAN Pressure Senso | GEFRAN Sensors | GEFRAN Solid State Relays | HYDAC Air Collers | HYDAC Cooling Systems | HYDAC Dampers | HYDAC Data Recorders | HYDAC Filters | HYDAC Hydraulic | HYDAC Hydraulic Accumulators | HYDAC Instrumentation | HYDAC Level Gauges | HYDAC Mechanical | HYDAC Pumps | HYDAC Sensors | HYDAC Valves | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Amplifiers | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Automation | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Controllers | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Drives | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Hmi | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Instrumentation | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Motors | INDRAMAT (BOSCH REXROTH) Power Supply | KRAUS and NAIMER Ac/Dc Disconnectors | KRAUS and NAIMER Control Switch | KRAUS and NAIMER Electrical | KRAUS and NAIMER Load Switch | KRAUS and NAIMER Main Switch | KRAUS and NAIMER Switches | LENZE Automation | LENZE Controllers | LENZE Hmi | LENZE Instrumentation | LENZE Inverters | LENZE I/O Systems | LENZE Motors | LENZE Power Supply | LENZE Servo Motors | LEUZE Automation | LEUZE Cables And Connectors | LEUZE Capacitive Sensors | LEUZE Electrical | LEUZE Fibre Optics | LEUZE Inductive Sensors | LEUZE Measuring Sensors | LEUZE Optical Sensors | LEUZE Sensors | LEUZE Switching Sensors | LITTELFUSE Automotive sensors | LITTELFUSE Breakers | LITTELFUSE Capacitors | LITTELFUSE Diodes | LITTELFUSE Electrical | LITTELFUSE Fuses | LITTELFUSE Relays | LITTELFUSE Resistors | LITTELFUSE Sensors | LITTELFUSE Solid State Relays | LITTELFUSE Switches | LITTELFUSE Thyristors | LOVATO ELECTRIC Automation | LOVATO ELECTRIC Contactors | LOVATO ELECTRIC Controllers | LOVATO ELECTRIC Drives | LOVATO ELECTRIC Electrical | LOVATO ELECTRIC Fuse | LOVATO ELECTRIC Hmi | LOVATO ELECTRIC Plc | LOVATO ELECTRIC Power Supply | LOVATO ELECTRIC Relays | LOVATO ELECTRIC Starters | LOVATO ELECTRIC Switches | LOVATO ELECTRIC Transformers | MEANWELL Ac/Dc Power Supply | MEANWELL Automation | MEANWELL Dc/Ac Power Supply | MEANWELL Din Rail | MEANWELL Drivers | MEANWELL Electrical | MEANWELL Fans | MEANWELL Power Supply | MOOG VALVE Axis Control Valves | MOOG VALVE Control Valves | MOOG VALVE Proportional Valves | MOOG VALVE Servo Valves | MOOG VALVE Valves | MSA Automation | MSA Combustion Analysis | MSA Fixed Gas Detectors | MSA Flame Detectors | MSA Instrumentation | MSA Personal Protective Equipment | MSA Portable Gas Detectors | MSA Refrigerant Gas Leak Detectors | MSA Respirators | MSA Safety Gas Detectors | MSA Thermal Imaging | MURR ELEKTRONIK Buffer Modules | MURR ELEKTRONIK Electrical | MURR ELEKTRONIK Electronics | MURR ELEKTRONIK Emc Filters | MURR ELEKTRONIK Opto Couplers | MURR ELEKTRONIK Power Supply | MURR ELEKTRONIK Relays | MURR ELEKTRONIK Switches | MURR ELEKTRONIK Transformers | MURR ELEKTRONIK Ups Modules | PIZZATO Automation | PIZZATO Human Machine Interface | PIZZATO Instrumentation | PIZZATO Position Swicthes | PIZZATO Safety Modules | PIZZATO Safety Sensors | PIZZATO Sensors | PIZZATO Swicthes | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Automation | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Circuit Brekers | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Connectors | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Contactors | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Electrical | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Fibre Optics | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Inductors | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Power Meters | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Relays | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Resistors | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Sensors | POTTER and BRUMFIELD Switches | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Diodes | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Electrical | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Electronics | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Fans | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Igbt | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Modules | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Mosfet | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Motor Drives | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Power Supply | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Rectifier | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Thyristor | SEMIKRON (DANFOSS) Ups | SUNX Automation | SUNX Displacement Sensors | SUNX Fibre Optic Cables | SUNX Instrumentation | SUNX Photo Electric Sensors | SUNX Proximity Sensors | SUNX Safety Light Curtain | SUNX Sensors | TERASAKI Air Circuit Breakers | TERASAKI Circuit Breakers | TERASAKI Control Systems | TERASAKI Electrical | TERASAKI Moulded Case Breakers | TERASAKI Power Distribution System | TRUMETER Automation | TRUMETER Counters | TRUMETER Current Meters | TRUMETER Encoders | TRUMETER Flow Indicator | TRUMETER Meters | TRUMETER Power Meters | TRUMETER Relays | TRUMETER Temperature Meters | TRUMETER Timers | YASKAWA Ac Drives | YASKAWA Automation | YASKAWA Controllers | YASKAWA Instrumentation | YASKAWA Motion Controllers | YASKAWA Servo Motors | YASKAWA Switches | ZIEHL ABEG Axial Fans | ZIEHL ABEG Centrofugal Fans | ZIEHL ABEG Controllers | ZIEHL ABEG Control Modules | ZIEHL ABEG Drives | ZIEHL ABEG Electrical | ZIEHL ABEG Fans | ZIEHL ABEG Inverters | ZIEHL ABEG Mechanical | ZIEHL ABEG Motors | ZIEHL ABEG Sensors |Read More...
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AIGNEP FRL and Fittings | AIGNEP Pneumatic Cylinders | ALLEN BRADLEY Magnetic Contactors | ATOS Hydraulic Pumps | ATOS Hydraulic Valves | AUTONICS Sensors | AUTONICS Temperature Controllers | AUTONICS Timers | BALLUFF Sensors | CAMOZZI Pneumatic Components | CAMOZZI Solenoid Cylinders | CAMOZZI Solenoid Valves | CARLO GAVAZZI Sensors Relays | DELTA PLC | DELTA Temperature Controllers | DELTA Variable Frequency Drives | EBMPAPST Blowers | EBMPAPST Fans | EBMPAPST Sensors Relays | FOTEK Programmable Controllers | FOTEK Sensors | FOTEK Temperature Controllers | FRL NORGREN Cylinders | FRL NORGREN Solenoid Valves | FUJI ELECTRIC HMI | FUJI ELECTRIC PLC | FUJI ELECTRIC Switchgear | FUJI ELECTRIC Variable Frequency Drives | HIWIN Ball Screws | HIWIN Linear Guide and Bearings | IFM ELECTRONIC Sensors | JESIVA Transformers | MEAN WELL Power Supply | MINDMAN Cylinders | MINDMAN FRL Fittings | MINDMAN Pneumatic Components | MINDMAN Solenoid Valves | MITSUBISHI PLC | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC PLC | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC VFD | NORGREN Pneumatic Cylinders | NORGREN Valves | OMRON Limit Switches | OMRON Relay Temperature Controller | PARKER Solenoid Valves | PILZ Relays | REXROTH Cylinders | REXROTH Hydraulics | REXROTH Pneumatic Fittings | REXROTH Pumps | REXROTH Valves | SICK Sensors | SIEMENS Contactors | SIEMENS Relays | SIEMENS Timers | SMC Pneumatic Cylinders | SMC Solenoid Valves | SNS Pneumatic Fittings | SNS Pneumatic Parts | TOSHIBA Motor Controls | TOSHIBA VFD | YASKAWA Variable Frequency Drives |Read More...
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About Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation refers to the use of various control systems like robots and computers, and information technology in handling a number of machines and processes in an industrial establishment. Industrial Automation is a product or service to replace manual labor either to increase productivity, reduce manual labor in hazardous processes, or to eliminate human error in industrial processes. Automation is the second step in the course of industrialization, which preceded by mechanization.

The basic purpose of automation in the Industrial sector was to increase productivity in the production process and to reduce overall costs. Unlike manual labor, automated production machinery can work continuously with the same consistency, with minimum errors. Another original purpose of automation, to reduce costs was met by lower cost requirements of automated machinery (purchase and maintenance) when compared to manual labor (wages and benefits). However, today, the reason industrial automation has shifted to improved flexibility and quality of production. In the Automobile Industry, after the introduction of automation, error in engine piston installation dropped from 1 - 1.5% to 0.000001%, which reduced the number of defective products and improved the consistency and quality in production.

Industrial Automation eliminates various costs related to manual labor that do not apply to machinery, such as healthcare costs, holidays and paid leave. In addition, Industrial Automation, or the use of automated machinery requires less added expenditure on employee benefits like pension and bonuses. Although Industrial Automation is subject to high initial costs, it leads to substantial cost-saving in the long run. These benefits, especially regarding quality and consistency are the main reasons why automation in industries is highly demanded. Many Local and Overseas production houses in the UAE avail the services of industrial automation service providers, and technical experts. These companies deal with various industrial hardware and machinery and offer various services like automation, programming and maintenance. These services providers can be found in places like Al Mamourah Street in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Serkal Avenue in Dubai Mina Road and SAIF Zone in Sharjah.

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