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Instrumentation in UAE

Logo for  Anaum International Electronics LLC - Instrumentation Suppliers in UAE
Plot 6AB1, ICAD - 1, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 133636
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Orange Building, Block 2, Musaffah 13Abu Dhabi, UAE

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InstrumentationMetersPressure Relief ValvesValvesMeasuring Instruments, Refrigeration GaugesNitrogen GaugesVacuum GaugesCompound GaugesDouble Contact Pressure GaugeManifold GaugesBrass Test PlugTest KitInfrared ThermometersSwimming Pool and Pond ThermometersElectronic Weather StationDigital ThermometersPressure Temperature GaugesWhirling HygrometersHygrometersSling HygrometersPocket Type ThermometerAnemometerWind Speed MeterBi Metal ThermometerCapillary ThermometerThermometersPressure GaugesOilfield SuppliesBrass FittingsAdjustable Angle ThermometerEvery Angle ThermometerV Line ThermometerStraight ThermometersWall ThermometersPyrometersOven ThermometerInfrared Thermometer Gun TypeMarine ThermometerHeat Transfer PasteThermowellsSensor ThermowellsBrass ThermowellsStainless Steel ThermowellsFridge ThermometerFreezer ThermometerDielectric UnionThermometers IndustrialNitrogen RegulatorsAutomatic Air VentElectronic MetersBrass Fitting and ConnectorAll Types of Brass FittingsMeasurement InstrumentationOxygen RegulatorsAcetylene RegulatorDigital MultimetersMultimetersOxygen GaugesAcetylene GaugesVernier CaliperManometerVictor-Nitrogen RegulatorsLaboratory ThermometerDigital Timer and ClockData LoggerDifferential Pressure GaugeCopper Fittings and TubesCooking ThermometerSound Level MeterDistance MeterCatering Test ThermometerCatering ThermometerLevel IndicatorsCalibration Pressure GaugeCalibration ThermometersPressure Gauge CalibrationThermometers CalibrationAll Types of Calibration ServicesCalibrationCalibration ServicesOilfield EquipmentRead More...
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Warehouse No 3, Near Al Khayam Bakery, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3Dubai, UAE 235545


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Office 2 , HC Floor, Emirates N Tower, Next to Sahara Centre, Al NahdaSharjah, UAE 46433
Logo for  Indus Hydraulic Power Trading LLC - Instrumentation Suppliers in UAE
Office # 301, Opp DCC, Life Pharmacy Building, Al QusaisDubai, UAE 87556
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505, Bin Soughat Building, Salahuddin Street, MuraqqabadDubai, UAE 91939


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M 9, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi, UAE 44719


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Damascus St, Al Qusais Indl Area 2Dubai, UAE 48402
M 44, Bhnd Safeline, Near China Mrkt, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 113930

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InstrumentationCalibrationCalibration Services
Near Hyundai S/Room, Salam StAbu Dhabi, UAE 7370
About Instrumentation


Instrumentation refers to measuring and recording the scientific functioning of the machines.Any instruments be it electrical or electronics gets degraded on constant usage.As they get used for a longer period of time, they tend to loose on stability and some of their specifications might also get drifted. Upon continuous analysis and calibration testing, we can rely on the calibration data. A proper and well deigned calibration of the instruments gives increased quality and productivity. Calibration is one of the important factor that should never be overlooked for proper functioning of the instruments. To calibrate generally refers to check, analyse any instrument and confirm that it provides the quantitative measurements derived by the manufacturer. A well calibrated device helps company to maintain their standards. Calibration makes sure that the instrument reads within the designed range and specifications. Huge machinery are calibrated at the factory place to avoid any delay in the work. This is more ideal for those devices which are integrated and communicating with other devices in the factory setup.

Some machinery require NIST(National Institute Of Standards and Technology) certification which follows a set of standard reference for calibration. This helps the device to excel in productivity and quality. Above listed companies ensures calibration of instruments against industrial standards. They perform periodic testing, repair and modify according to the client request. To avoid increased downtime, poor quality, damage and unreliable data, one must follow calibration of instruments.

Instrumentation is the process of controlling and automating industry machinery within the manufacturing environment. Instrumentation and control systems are a collection of instruments that are used to measure, monitor and control the process. Listed here are the top instrumentation companies operating in the UAE. There are multiple types of instrumentation available like electrical, mechanical and electronic instrumentation. An instrumentation system is the group of elements arranged to perform an automatic function to give the necessary output. They deal with instrumentation equipment like sensors, variable conversion elements, analog and digital instruments, signal processing and transmission equipment, performance measuring parametric equipment and many more. They also supply branded calibration equipment like pressure switch calibration, DP transmitter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge calibration, flow measurement, vibration measurement, level measurement, pressure measurement etc.

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