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Plot No: TP020701, National Industries ParkDXB55331
Brands:  VOLEX Electrical Accessories ACE Cable LugsAMERICAN ELECTRIC Street Lightings|BG ELECTRICALS Electrical AccessoriesBICC DUCAB Cable AccessoryBIRKETT ELECTRIC Cable JointsBRITMAX Lighting FixturesBURTON G I ConduitsCADWELD Earthing SystemCARIBONI Lighting FixturesCAVICED Cable and WireCAVICEL Fibre OpticsCAVICEL InstrumentationCEFEX Electrical Trunking SystemsCIRCLE-ARK Cable Management SystemsCLIPSAL Electrical AccessoriesCON CAB Cable and WireCONCAB Cable and WireCOT Conduit and Conduit Fittings - ElectricCRABTREE Wire Products - MachineryDELTA Electrical Wiring AccessoriesDOMENO Lighting FixturesEDMUNDSON LaddersEGK Lighting FixturesERICO CADWELD Welding ElectrodesEXPELAIR Fans - ExhaustF AND G MOELLER IsolatorsFLEXICON Conduit and Conduit Fittings - ElectricFURSE Earthing and Lightning Protection EquipmentGULF OMAN Cable and WireHAGER Electrical LV Switchgear ComponentsHEX Lighting FixturesICW Cable and WireINDUSTRIA Lighting Fixtures - Explosion ProofINTERPLAST Cable Management SystemsLAPP Cable and WireLONGLAST Cable and WireMERLIN GERIN Electric EquipmentMK Electrical Wiring AccessoriesOPTICEL Fibre Optic ProductsRUPAM Cable AccessorySCALF Electrical ProductsSHAMS Lighting FixturesSIEMENS Electric EquipmentSURYA ROSHNI Lamps - ElectricalSWIFT LaddersTAMLITE Lighting FixturesUNICOOL Fans - Air CirculationVORTICE Fans - ExhaustWILCO Fans - ExhaustWILCO Ventilators - IndustrialWINGTON Fans - Industrial and CommercialRead More...
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Ras Al Khor Ind Area 2DXB
Brands:  VOLEX Electrical Accessories ABB Switchgear & Control ProductsALFANAR LV Switchgears|BARTON G I Pipe & AccessoriesBELDEN CablesBIAX Cable Glands & LuxCEE Industrial Plug & SocketsCELLPACK Cable Joints KitsDUCAB Wire & ArmoureDCables & AccessoriesEATON Electrical LV Switchgear & ProductsFLUKE Accessoriesof All InstrumentsFRATER Electrical FittingsFURSE Earthing & Lighting ProtectionGE All Typesof Lighting AccessoriesGEWISS Electrical Devices & AccessoriesGLOBUS C E E Industrial Plug & SocketsGREENLEE All Typesof BendersHAGER AC BHAGER Electrical Switchgear & ControlHAVELLS Change Over Switches & Electrical D B AccessoriesHELUKABEL Cables & WiresHIOKI All Kindsof Clamp Meters & MultimetersINTEX Computer & Network AccessoriesITALCO CablesKLAUKE All Cable Cutting & Grimping ToolsKYORITSU All Kindsof Clamp Meters & MultimetersLEGRAND All Electrical AccessoriesMEGGER AccessoriesMESC ArmoureDCables & WiresMESC Cables & WiresMK Wiring AccessoriesNATIONALCABLEINDUSTRY Cables & WiresNEXANS Rubber Flex WiresOMANCABLES ArmoureDCable & WiresOSRAM All BulbsPCE Industrial Plugs & SocketsPHILIPS Lighting & FixturesPRYSMIAN All Kindsof Cables Lugs & AccessoriesRAIDEN Cable GlandsRAIDEN Cable Pulling LubricantsRAIDEN Cable Ties / Cable Lugs / G I Cable Trays & TrunkingRAIDEN Earthing & Lightning Protection SystemsRAIDEN Earth RodsRAIDEN Rubber Flexible CablesRAYCHEM All Typesof Electrical GlandsRIYADHCABLE ArmoureDCables & WiresRRCABLE Flexible & Control CableSCHNEIDERELECTRIC AC BSIEMENS AC BSOCOMEC Automatic Change Over SwitchesSUPERGENERAL Air Conditioning & Consumer ElectronicsTEKAB Cables & WiresTITAN Safety ShoesTLE Cable Traysand Ladders & Cable TiesTOPCABLE Rubber Flexible WiresVENTURE H I D LampsVMI Vibration InstrumentsWAGO Automation Solution & ConnectorsRead More...
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Near Nakheel Centre, Al Nakheel Rd, DeiraDXB183287
Products & Services : Hardware
Brands:  VOLEX Electrical Accessories ABB A B CALFANAR Control Cables|APPLETON Electrical Industrial Plug & SocketsB3 Communication & Control CablesBARTON G I Conduit & AccessoriesBELDEN Communication & Control CablesBIAX Cable Glands & LugsBICCCOMPONENT Cable Glands & LugsBICON Cable Glands & LugsCEE Industrial Plugs & SocketsCELLPACK Cable Joint KitsCLIPSAL Electrical AccessoriesCROMPTONGREAVES Ceiling FansDAVIS Floor Boxesand SystemsDECODUCT Cable Management System & AccessoriesDUCAB ArmouredEATON Electrical LV SwitchgearsERICO Earthing & Lightning ProtectionERICOCADDY Electrical FixingFLUKE AccessoriesFRATER Lightning & Electrical FittingsFURSE Earthing & Lightning ProtectionGE Airfield LampsGEWISS Industrial Plug & SocketsHAGER M C C BHAVELLS D B AccessoriesHAWKE Cable Glands & LugsHEX Cable Glands & LugsHIOKI Electrical Measuring InstrumentsIGMA Blower Industrial Fan & DuctsITALCO CablesKDK Air Moving EquipmentKHAITAN ExhaustKLAUKE Cable Cutting & Crimping ToolsKOPEX Flexible Electrical Conduit SystemsKYORITSU Electrical Measuring InstrumentsLEGRAND AC BMARUICHI G I Conduits & AccessoriesMEGGER Accessoriesof All InstrumentsMESC ArmouredMILWAUKEE Cable Cutting & Crimping ToolsMK Switches & SocketsNCI ArmoureDCable & WiresNEXANS Marine Rubber Flexible WireNICE Cable Glands & LugsOMANCABLES ArmoureDCables & WiresOSRAM Airfield LampsPCE Electrical Industrial Plug & SocketsPHILIPS Airfield LampsPRYSMIAN Cable & Cable GlandsRAYCHEM Electrical GlandsRIYADHCABLE ArmoureDCable & WireRR L E D Light & PanelRRCABLE Flexible & Panel CablesSCHNEIDER A AC BSOCOMEC Automatic Change - Over SwitchesTEKAB Cables & WiresTOPCABLE Flexible & Rubber CableVENTURE H I D LampsVINI Insulation TapeVSL Spiral Wrapping BenDCable TieWALLIS Earthing & Lightning ProtectionWRAXHAM M I C C CablesRead More...