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Artificial Marble in Abu Dhabi

Opp ICAD Res City Gate, M 40, Muussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi40111
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M 9, MussafahAbu Dhabi46784
Factory 506, Opp Shabia Khalifa, Mussafah (Indl City)Abu Dhabi33125
Products & Services : Artificial Marble

About Artificial Marble

Artificial Marble

Artificial marble, also known as cultured marble or reconstituted marble is a product of a processed mixture of crushed or powdered marble, additives, and binders. The qualities of synthetic or artificial marble are almost the same to that of naturally occurring marble. In generally, artificial marble is produced using a mix of fillers and binders, using either cement or synthetic resin as a binder. Using cement as a binder is not as effective as the quality and properties are on par with its alternatives. The main advantages of engineered stone are high strength, high corrosion resistance, minimum water absorption, low shrinkage, weather resistance, easy maintenance, and resistance to abrasion and aging.

The production techniques of artificial marble vary in the production of its different types. A few of these types include composite artificial marble, sintering processed artificial marble, cement material artificial marble, and polyester artificial marble. These types of synthetic marble can be molded into standard slabs, tiles, and blocks or used in the production of custom-design marble products. During the production process, the types of fillers may vary along with the addition of pigments to add colors and designs to the finished product. These variances lead to the formation of different designs or textural appearances on the surface of the marble.

Artificial marble is generally highly durable, strong and requires minimum maintenance. These, their other advantages and their appearance and design make them ideal for indoor applications. Although synthetic marble is mostly used to furnish seamless kitchen countertops, they can also be used for decorative purposes in homes and offices to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the facility. Artificial marble in Abu Dhabi has a constant all-time high demand, for reception counters at offices, kitchens and home decor and even custom design art structures in public places. Manufacturers and suppliers of artificial marble and standard slabs, blocks, and tiles adhere to stringent quality regulations, maintaining high-class, affordable products in the market. Some of these dealers are located at Mussafah M-39, M-40, M-9, and opposite the Shabia Khalifa in Abu Dhabi.

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