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Oilfield Equipment in Abu Dhabi

Image for  AADTRA (Atiq Al Dhaheri and Company)
M 9, Mussafah Indl AreaAbu Dhabi44719
Brands: ADVANCE VALVES Valves | AES Valves | ARABIAN PIPELINE Pipes | ARCELOR MITTAL Pipes | AWAJI (ASK) Buttweld Fittings | BADOTHERM Gauges | BONNEY FORGE Valves | BOTH WELL Forged Fittings | BUTTING Pipes | CRANE Valves | DELCORTE Forged Fittings | DELTA Welding Machine | FROCH Pipes | HONEYWELL Balancing Valves | HONEYWELL Filters and Back Flow Preventer | HONEYWELL Filters & Back Flow Preventer | HONEYWELL Pressure Reducing Valves | HONEYWELL Thermostatic Mixing Valves | HYUNDAI STEEL Pipes | INTERPIPE Pipes | KHIMJI FLOW EQPT Valves | KHIMJI FLOW EQUIPMENT Valves | KITZ Valves | KOFCO Flanges | KUKA VALVES Valves | LAME Forged Fittings | LE BRONZE ALLOYS Pipes | LIAOHE PIPE FITTINGS Buttweld Fittings | MEGA Forged Fittings | MELESI Flanges | METALFAR Flanges | MGI Flanges | MITSUBISHI CLIMAVENETA AHU/FCU | MITSUBISHI CLIMAVENETA AHU-FCU | MITSUBISHI CLIMAVENETA Chillers | MITSUBISHI CLIMAVENETA Close Control Unit (CCU) | NIPPON STEEL Pipes | OMR Buttweld Fittings | RHINOFFIT Buttweld Fittings | RHINOFITT Flanges | RHINOFLEX Expansion Bellows | RIVIT Pipes | SALZGITTER MANNESSMANN Pipes | SANDVIK Pipes | SBC Buttweld Fittings | SCHOELLER BLECKMANN Pipes | SCHULZ Pipes | SEAH STEEL Pipes | SOLID BEND Buttweld Fittings | SOSTA Pipes | SPECIAL METALS Pipes | SUMITOMO METAL Pipes | TECHNOFORGE Buttweld Fittings | TENARIS Pipes | THAI BENKAN (BKL) Buttweld Fittings | TTA Buttweld Fittings | TTU Buttweld Fittings | TUBACEX Pipes | TUBOS REUNIDOS Pipes | ULMA Flanges | VIAR MECCANICA Forged Fittings | WIKA Gauges | WINTERS Gauges |
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Orange Building, Block 2, Musaffah 13Abu Dhabi
Products & Services :  Oilfield Equipment,Calibration Pressure Gauge, Calibration Thermometers, Pressure Gauge Calibration, Thermometers Calibration, All Types of Calibration Services, Brass Fittings, Fridge Thermometer, Freezer Thermometer, Calibration, Calibration Services, Nitrogen Regulators, Automatic Air Vent, Electronic Meters, Brass Fitting and Connector, All Types of Brass Fittings, Measurement Instrumentation, Meters, Pressure Relief Valves, Valves, Measuring Instruments, Refrigeration Gauges, Nitrogen Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Compound Gauges, Double Contact Pressure Gauge, Manifold Gauges, Brass Test Plug, Test Kit, Digital Multimeters, Multimeters, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Oilfield Supplies, Dielectric Union, Thermometers Industrial, Infrared Thermometers, Swimming Pool and Pond Thermometers, Electronic Weather Station, Digital Thermometers, Pressure Temperature Gauges, Whirling Hygrometers, Hygrometers, Sling Hygrometers, Pocket Type Thermometer, Anemometer, Wind Speed Meter, Bi Metal Thermometer, Capillary Thermometer, Adjustable Angle Thermometer, Every Angle Thermometer, V Line Thermometer, Straight Thermometers, Wall Thermometers, Pyrometers, Oven Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer Gun Type, Marine Thermometer, Heat Transfer Paste, Thermowells, Sensor Thermowells, Brass Thermowells, Stainless Steel Thermowells, Oxygen Regulators, Acetylene Regulator, Oxygen Gauges, Acetylene Gauges, Vernier Caliper, Manometer, Victor-Nitrogen Regulators, Laboratory Thermometer, Digital Timer and Clock, Data Logger, Differential Pressure Gauge, Copper Fittings and Tubes, Cooking Thermometer, Sound Level Meter, Distance Meter, Catering Test Thermometer, Catering Thermometer, Level Indicators, Instrumentation
Shop No 5, As Salami 6 St, MusaffahAbu Dhabi
MussafahAbu Dhabi91959
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment, Oilfield Supplies
16, 17, 18, Rashid Bin Khalfan Al Dhahiry Bldg, Mussafah Indl Area 14Abu Dhabi5309
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment
23, United Arab Bank Bldg, Khalifa StAbu Dhabi33409
Three Sails Tower, Corniche RdAbu Dhabi41296
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment
3rd Flr, Al Badie Tower, Al Nasr StAbu Dhabi229
3, Al Daiya Sweets & Rest Bldg, Salam St, TCAAbu Dhabi46721
Opp Old Al Jaber, M 15, MussafahAbu Dhabi268
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment
Plot #5, Sector MN/5, MusaffahAbu Dhabi3374
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment
Bhnd Mussafah Police Station, Mussafah M 2Abu Dhabi8578
Products & Services : Oilfield Equipment

About Oilfield Equipment

Abu Dhabi is home to many leading oilfield companies. Kaddas oilfield services & Trading Co.LLC, also commonly known as KOSTCO has made its home in her realm. KOSTCO has its primary center at Abu Dhabi and it is also the main oil hub of the UAE. Oilfield gears that are utilized every day are equipment like oil platforms. These apparatuses are utilized to concentrate oil from the wells that are available at the oilfield. The oil apparatuses are either altered on a manufactured island or they skim on water. Capacity tanks are likewise one of the oilfield gears that are utilized for putting away the oil or packed gas for the long haul or stockpiling. Some capacity tanks require having a gliding rooftop, for the avoidance of pollution. Oilfield apparatuses are used to help oilfield drillers and to keep them safe. These sorts of rigging offer the drillers who need some assistance to stay at the site for long measures of time. Oil field gears like compressors, Forklifts rentals, and access stages are used by the drillers and planners on the off shore sites. Limit tanks, weight vessels, demineralization are a segment of the oilfield gear which is used for the most part. Compressors are types of gear that are utilized for transportation of oil through funnels. There are a wide array of clients who require oilfield equipment, which incorporate petrochemical commercial enterprises, marine and transportation organizations and oil refineries. The specific needs of the customers are remembered when the organizations make or mass produce items or security supplies. The oilfield workers are instructed on safety measures to be taken in time of emergencies. They also need to wear protective gears which prevent the workers from getting hurt or exposed to harmful chemicals. Certain workers such as driller are specifically trained to fulfill their assigned position in running the project smoothly and without any casualties.

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