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Cable Management System in Abu Dhabi

1801, Al Yassat Tower (Micco Bldg), Najda StAbu Dhabi41708
M-44, 16th St, Opp Icad ResidenceAbu Dhabi28718
Near ADBC Office, Defence RdAbu Dhabi14204
Brands: EMI Flooring |
Sedar Bldg, Old Majda RdAbu Dhabi35045
Mussafah 40Abu Dhabi94564
Brands: ADOLFO ALBA Lighting and Lighting Controls | AHEAD Low Voltage Switchgear | ALMONARD Industrial Fans and Ventilation Sytsem | A LP LIGHTING COMPONENTS INC Lighting and Lighting Controls | BAJAJ Fans - Industrial and Commercial | BELDEN Cable and Wire | BRITS-TIE Cable Ties | BRITS TIE UK Cable Management System | CARAVAN Cable Management System | CARIBONI Lighting System | CELLPACK ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Cable Management System | CHALMIT Lighting and Lighting Controls | CHIYODA Lamps and Lighting Components | COPPER PLUS Wire Products | DECODUCT CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Cable Management System | DELAB Low Voltage Switchgear | DELIXI Low Voltage Switchgear | DF ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | DOMINO LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | EATON MEM Low Voltage Switchgear | EATON MEM Wiring Accessories | EFEN Low Voltage Switchgear | Electtrico Wiring Accessories | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Lighting and Lighting Controls | ELETTRICO ILLUMINAZIONE Wiring Accessories | EVERNAL Fans - Exhaust | FIVEPLITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | FULHAM Lamps and Lighting Components | GENERAL CAVI Communication Cables and Wires | GERSAN Cable Management System | HAGER or TEHALIT Cable Management System | HAVELLS POWERING LIVES Low Voltage Switchgear | HAWKE INTERNATIONAL Cable Management System | HESS Communication Cables and Wires | ICAR TECHNOLOGY LOOKING Low Voltage Switchgear | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Emergency Lights | INNOWARE BY TEKNOWARE Lighting and Lighting Controls | JANITZA ELECTRONIC Low Voltage Switchgear | JEAN MULLER Low Voltage Switchgear | JEDDAH CABLES COMPANY Communication Cables and Wires | KILK Wiring Accessories | MARSHAL TUFFLEX Cable Management System | MARUICHI STEEL TUBE LTD Cable Management System | MEMEATON Low Voltage Switchgear | NCI Communication Cables and Wires | NISSAD NDC Cable Management System | NORDEX LIGHTING Lighting and Lighting Controls | NOVABLUE Cable Management System | POLLMANN ELEKTROTECHNIK Low Voltage Switchgear | PRECISION PLASTIC INDUSTRIES Cable Management System | PTC LITE Lighting and Lighting Controls | QUANTRAN SYSTEMS Lamps and Lighting Components | RIMALUZ SL Lighting and Lighting Controls | R R KABEL Flexible Cables and Building Wire | SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Low Voltage Switchgear | SEB Cable Management System | SUPERLAN Communication Cables and Wires | TEKAB CO LTD Communication Cables and Wires | TELEGRON Low Voltage Switchgear | VENTURE LIGHTING Lamps and Lighting Components | VOSSLOH SCHWABE Lamps and Lighting Components | ZALUX Lighting and Lighting Controls |

About Cable Management System

Cable Management System

A cable management system is used to protect and support the cables and wires in a building. Through these systems are most used for power cables, they are also used to support broadband cables, phones lines and low-voltage cables. These systems not only protect and support the cables in a building, but also makes them easy to access for maintenance and repairs. These systems are designed to support standard or special cables, and to keep these wires organized, grouped and hidden. Today, there are a number of systems used in cable management, the most common of which include access floors, cable trays and cable trunking.

Cable management systems are used to route or lead cables to different parts of a building. In special buildings like hospitals, cable management includes grounding and shielding the wires so that they do not affect the equipment in the building. In office spaces and in IT buildings, cable or wire management is important keep wires well organized and avoid the case of ‘cable spaghetti’. Cable spaghetti is when wires and cables are not well managed, causing them to get tangled, mixed and knotted. These systems help keep wires organized and easy to access, which makes cable maintenance and repairs an easy task.

Cable trays are of many types, and are most used in industrial and office buildings. These trays support, hide, protect and route power lines, network cables, phone lines, etc..Ladder trays, solid base trays, trough trays, mesh trays and single rail trays and channel trays are a few types. There are a number of concerns that import, stock, and supply cable trays, ladder trays and other types of cable management systems in Abu Dhabi. Listed with are some of the biggest names in the cable management industry, established at places like Mussafah M 14, M 9, M 2, M 44 and Najda Street.