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Farrier in Abu Dhabi

About Farrier


Farriers are the equestrian foot care professionals who are highly skilled and physically demanding. They make use of wide range of tools that includes nippers and raps to trim the horses hooves and shoes. They help to adjust and reshape the horseshoes and makes it fit the hoof if necessary. The work involved in farrier is hard and when done without care the horse might end up in hurt. It takes years of eduction to understand the methods and follow them properly. Farrier tools helps to correct the issues in the most efficient way. Some of the farrier tools used in the recent days are hoof tester, farrier rasp, hoof nippers, farrier's knife, horseshoe pullers, nail clinchers, horse owner tools, hoof gauge, hoof stand, nailing or clinching block etc. Most the of the horse owners maintain few tools to handle with care. All of these tools help to maintain and shape the horse shoes without hurting the animal. Listed above are the top suppliers of equestrian materials and tools in UAE.