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Bunded Tanks in UAE

About Bunded Tanks

Bunded Tanks

To store any product, it is essential to store in a safe and secured place. Bunded and self-bunded tanks are one of the best find to store oil or gas in a most secured way. Their architecture is built in such a way that they hold the product with extra protection. Self-bunded tanks are tanks that has a double wall which helps to store fuel, diesel and other liquids. These bunded tanks has inner and outer wall tank with a space in-between. This space has many advantages as they catch the leakage of liquids, oil, diesel etc. This will eradicate the possible chances of environmental pollution, contamination or the product loss. The main advantage of the self-bunded tanks is that the storage of the fuel can be remotely located. The self-bunded tanks are built in a robust structure that it totally reduces leakage. They hold huge capacity of liquid ranging from thousand to 150 thousand liters. Self-bunded tanks has several advantages over the other storage tanks. Some of them include rental options as well. Bunded tanks and self-bunded tanks are used only when the storage of the fuel is of huge capacity or load. Above listed are the pioneers of bunded and self-bunded tanks in UAE.

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