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Solar Panels in Dubai

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Solar Panels
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About Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to extract energy from the rays of the sun, they comprise of small units known as photovoltaic cells. These solar cells are made up of two layers of semi-conducting material which comprise of silicon. Solar cells establish an electric field which acts as opposite poles, metal conductive plates that are placed on the sides of the solar cell collect the electrons and the electricity is transferred to wires. Other types of solar powered technology include thermal and concentrated forms of energy which function in a different manner as compared to photovoltaic solar cells. The sun provides heat rays which are rich in thermal energy, this energy is absorbed by solar cells and transferred into solar energy which is used to heat water or compress air.

The primary benefit of harnessing solar energy is that this is a renewable source of energy which is abundantly available. Modern technology plays a vital role in harnessing energy from the rays of the sun. Solar energy is harnessed in open fields as it requires direct exposure to the rays of the sun. Solar energy does not cause harm to the environment by generating harmful greenhouse gasses, expelling harmful waste or radioactive substances or contributing to noise pollution. Installing solar panels will involve initial investment but it doesn’t involve major maintenance cost. Solar panels are used to power windmills, wind turbines, dams, solar water heaters, solar street lights, nuclear power plants etc. Solar energy can be used in remote areas with no access to other sources of energy. Using solar panels on home roofs reduces distance between the source of energy and the electrical appliance and this contributes to limited loss of power. Some popular locations to find dealers who sell solar panels in Dubai are Deira, Al Mirsal building at Al Burj Street, Ras Al Khor, Al Quasis Industrial area 3, Sabkha, satellite market and Al Ramool.

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