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About Fasteners


Fasteners are hardware used to join various components together, either permanently or non permanently. Fasteners are more commonly used than most people perceive or acknowledge, in almost everything we interact with or use. They are used in objects from regular home and office appliances, wardrobes and cars to heavy machinery and industrial applications. Fasteners are widely used and are hardly ever noticed, but play an important role in so many aspects of our lives. Their everyday uses include the most domestic applications in holding our dining sets and furniture together to more advanced everyday applications in our vehicles. Fasteners are commonly used to refer to threaded or non permanent fasteners in general. However, fasteners can be categorized into two types, general and threaded.

General fasteners or non-threaded fasteners are those which do not have threaded surfaces, and are usually permanent or semi-permanent in nature. Non-threaded fasteners include pins, rivets, clamps, keys, retaining rings, E-clips, moulding fasteners, O-rings, and so on. Rivets form more of a permanent joint, because removing a rivet generally causes damage to one or more of the components being held together. Threaded fasteners have a wide range of applications, usually to hold objects together and can be removed and reused whenever necessary. Threaded fasteners can be generally classified into three major types, bolts, studs and screws. Bolts are rods with a head on one end and are threaded on the other. Bolts are paired with nuts on the threaded end to hold the components together. Studs are double-end threaded rods used to join two mating components. The protruding end of the stud is usually fitted with a nut to hold the stud firmly in place. Screws are similar to bolts, with a head on one end and threads on the other, and are used to join two mating parts together. Screws, however, have longer or wider threads than bolts and have slots on their heads. The slots on the heads of screws allow the use of screwdrivers to easily insert and remove screws from components. Some of the most commonly used threaded fasteners are hex bolts, lag screws, machine screws, wood screws, carriage bolts, elevator bolts, sheet metal screws and U-bolts.

There are many applications for fasteners in Dubai, from the production of home and domestic products to various industrial applications. There are mainly three major types of fasteners used in industries in Dubai, they are carbon steel fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, and fasteners made of various alloy steels. Several factors come into play in choosing the ideal type of fastener for industrial use. Some of these factors include weight restrictions, accessibility, reusability and materials to be joined. Industrial fastener manufacturers in Dubai offer several variations in the types of fasteners produced, for general and specific applications. These products differ in the base material used, generally carbon, aluminium, titanium and other alloy steels, and also in the type of special coating to improve its properties, like hot-dip galvanized, zinc and chrome coated. Various requirements regarding quality standards for industrial hardware and components like fasteners in Dubai restricts the entry of low-quality fasteners in the market. Some well known importers, stockists, manufacturers and suppliers of industrial standard fasteners in Dubai can be found on Yusuf Baqer Road, Nakheel Road, Nasr Square, and in and around the Industrial Area.