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Duct Heaters in UAE

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About Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters in UAE

Duct heater converts the air that passes through them to warm using electricity. Some of the application of duct heaters are in the heating system, ventilation and HVAC system for commercial and industrial requirements. Duct heaters are a part of the HVAC system that handles the process of heating and cooling the air. Electric duct heater is one of an integral part of the duct system that preheats the air before it is being distributed inside the room. They are embedded with the resistant coils that heat the air which passes through them. The air that is passed through the electric duct heater absorbs the heat from the resistor coils and later pushed through the duct system. A heating system and HVAC system are the primary application of duct heaters. Listed here are the leading duct heater wholesale suppliers, dealers and manufacturers in UAE. Electric duct heaters have additional properties like automatic heating using which they can be programmed to work only at a specific time in a day. These duct heaters are present near the air ducts used in residential and commercial buildings. The airflow ventilation system and heating are the primary application of the duct heaters.

Duct heaters are strips like heating materials used in the industrial or commercial HVAC system, air handling units, water source system, light and heat pumps. They are helpful in applications that require primary heating, auxiliary heating, space heating reheating and variable air volume heating. There are multiple designs and configuration of electric duct heaters available with specifications varying in wiring and coil configuration, metal sheets, control, support element racks etc. Duct heaters are available in varied size and dimensions based on industrial usage and requirements. They are broadly available in three different designs as in finned tubular heating, open coil heating and tubular duct heating system. Listed here are the leading industrial duct heater suppliers in UAE. They develop and design the best electric duct heaters that act as a solution for the client needs. They always ensure that they provide superior quality heating coils that can solve air heating and non-pressurized issues. Maximum capacity of the duct heaters might vary up to 1000Kw. Most preferred voltages are

347 volts per 1 phase
600 volts per 1 phase
600 volts per 3 phase or 208/240 volts per 1 phase
208 volts per 3 phase

Duct Heater Series and Specifications

Air Duct HeatersMaterialsMax Operating TempMax Watt Densities
 LDH Series/ D Series/ MDH services Alloy 1200F/650C 30W square inch/4.7W square Cm
 Finned strips Aluminized Steel 1100F/595C 33W square inch/5.1W square Cm
 Finbar Single ended 304 Stainless Steel 1200F/650C 50W square inch/7.7W square Cm
 Firerod Cartridge Alloy 800 Application Specific 100W square inch/15.5 square Cm
 Watrod enclosed heaters Alloy 840 390F/200C 15W square inch/2.3 square Cm
 Silicon Rubber Fiberglass 500F/260C 5W square inch/0.8 square Cm
 Inline 444 Stainless Steel 482F/250C 150W square inch/23 square Cm

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