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Rolling Shutters in UAE

About Rolling Shutters

Roller Shutter Maintenance in UAE

Roller shutters are popular among residential and commercial complexes. They help to create a shielding wall for doors and windows. Different models of roller shutters are available in the market based on usage needs. Heavy-duty roller shutters are ideal for shopping malls, commercial complexes, bank lockers and other high-security demanding places. Roller shutters contain several moving parts. They tend to wear and tear over some time. Every heavy-duty roller shutter must undergo a monthly inspection to check for loose screws, missing bolts and disconnected slats. Contact the listed top roller shutter maintenance service providers in the UAE. They have a team of professionals who handle the roller shutter maintenance in a systematic inspection process.

Roller Shutter Polishing and Cleaning

They take a complete inspection and start by initially removing the debris. They inspect for corrosion build-up in every corner, bottom and top of the shutters. After the initial inspection and correction, they proceed with the water cleaning and polishing cleaning methods.

Wax and Oiling

Lubricating the roller shutters makes them roll up and down smoothly. They use the best greasing agent, which includes petroleum grease or light oil, as they don't attract much dirt.

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