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Chemical Toilets in UAE

About Chemical Toilets

Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are used mainly to gather all unwanted waste and treat them chemically. Chemical toilets are available as both self-contained and portable toilets. These Chemical toilets are structured in such a way that all the wastes are collected to a small tank which is them subjected to a chemical treatment. They are not connected to the sewage tank or connected through a pipe to the landed septic tank. They are generally treated in a small tank and then they are thrown in the treatment plant. Chemical toilets can be seen more often in a construction site and they are not permanent like the normal toilets, since they are used only for a short period of time, they are quite expensive when compared to the usual toilets. Hence, they are also available in rented options along with the cleaning and maintenance services. Aircraft lavatories and toilets in the train were initially used as a chemical toilet but they have now migrated to a vacuum toilet as the chemical toilets are much expensive and high maintenance cost. A simple or a basic chemical toilet are used in the small boats and temporary lavatories. Chemical toilets use a chemically treat dye in their bowl water. Chemical toilets work on the modern nitrate based biological treatment.

Main advantage of the chemical toilets are they are light weight and made out of plastic. This makes it ideal for moving from one place to the other. A normal chemical toilet size ranges from 110cm which is ideal for a single person to use it more comfortably. They are mostly free standing structures and their stability is based on the weight of the waste tank for the chemical treatment that contains a dispenser, deodorizer with a lockable door and handle along with a vent pipe for holding tank. Above listed are the major dealers of chemical toilets in UAE.

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