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Commercial Kitchen Equipments in UAE

About Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Commercial kitchen equipment are found in the kitchen of any dining business, whether a hotel, bar, bistro or restaurant. These pieces of equipment are essential in most of the work carried out in a commercial kitchen. Unlike basic home kitchen appliances, these pieces of equipment and devices are a lot bigger, better and more expensive. However, the type of equipment found in each commercial kitchen differs based on few key factors. Capacity, the type of cuisine and the menu are a few but key factors that help determine the needs of a commercial kitchen. Some of the most basic commercial kitchen equipment includes ovens, stoves & cooktops, grills, fryers, dish washers, grinders and so on.

Commercial kitchens and its many types require a range of both standard and special ovens. Conveyor, pizza and combo ovens are the most common types that are used in most of these kitchens. These ovens can also be used for other purposes as well. Other equipment includes electric and gas ranges of stoves, food processors, tables and shelves. Food processers are used to process food and raw ingredients with ease. Slicing, mixing, dicing, extracting and peeling are a few techniques used to process food. Bread slicers, dryers, peelers, pulp extractors and grinders are some common types of equipment used to process food.

Suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in UAE have a wide range of products to offer that cater to the kitchen needs of all types of commercial kitchens. These suppliers deal with all the equipment mentioned above, as well as walk-in cold storage, blenders, tables, countertops, storage and small ware. With outlets and showrooms in places like Dubai International City, these suppliers cater to commercial kitchens across the UAE. They also deal with the designing custom kitchen equipment, mobile grill units, coffee machines, and other special kitchen equipment.