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Fuel Tank Manufacturers in UAE

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About Fuel Tank Manufacturers

Fuel Tank Manufacturers

Fuel tanks are containers that are built to store flammable liquids. A fuel tank is a part of an engine that is used to store and transport fuel to an engine of an automobile. Storage tanks that are used to store fuel are also called fuel tanks. Different vehicles require different kinds of fuel tanks. The most common kinds of fuel tanks are metal fuel tanks, plastic high-density polyethylene, integral fuel tank and a bladder tank. A metal fuel tank is manufactured by welding together sheets of steel and aluminum. Metal tanks are commonly used in automobiles and are favorable to the environment as they trap harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that are emitted when the fuel is consumed by the engine.

A plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank is installed in modern vehicles. They can be molded into any shape and placed in any part of the vehicle. The seamless structure of a HDPE tank makes them resistant to rupture or explosions. These tanks are not prone to leakage and can withstand temperatures higher than 230oF and have a larger fuel capacity when compared to the metal tanks. Integral fuel tanks and bladder tanks are commonly used in aircrafts. An integral fuel tank is built by sealing a portion of the aircraft that would be used as fuel storage. An integral fuel tank could be built anywhere in the aircraft but is most commonly found in the wings of the aircraft. A bladder tank is a large rubber bag like structure that is used as a fuel tank. The SAIF zone in Sharjah is the most prominent location in UAE to find fuel tank manufacturers.

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