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Genset Synchronizing in UAE

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About Genset Synchronizing

Genset Synchronizing

A generator is used to power an electrical grid to compensate for power cuts that occur uncertainly. It is very important for a generator to match its frequency with the network in order to deliver the power into an electrical grid. Unless the Generator (AC) matches its frequency with the electrical grid, power cannot be delivered. In case of a DC generator, the generator has to alter the speed or field excitation to deliver the power to the grid. This process of matching the frequency or the speed of the generator is called synchronization.

In this scenario, Generator acts as a source since it is powering the grid and grid acts as the main network. There however are certain conditions before initiating the synchronization process. Firstly the generator should be set with equal line voltage, phase angle, phase sequence, frequency and waveform as the main network. Failing this configuration, the whole system may collapse due to short circuit.

The device used to indicate the degree of synchronization between the systems is called the SYNCHROSCOPE. It reads and displays the relative frequencies of the source and the main network. The device indicates the speed of the sub-network with respect to the main network as “fast” or “slow”. The needle needs to point amid these two marks.

With the above mentioned process, we could achieve a proper synchronization of generator with the electrical grid without damaging both the systems. To carry out this complex task, Genset panels are used which are configured to synchronize the source and main network automatically. Even though genset panels are automated, manual controls are also installed to manually synchronize as backup.

There are many number of genset panel suppliers in UAE and you could locate them in Hamriya Free Zone. Phase 2 Sharjah, Jebel Ali Free Zone (South) Dubai, Musaffah Abu Dhabi and SAIF Zone Sharjah.

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