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Structural Steel in UAE

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University Rd, Indl Area 17Sharjah, UAE 36890
Al Quoz Indl Area 1Dubai, UAE 77947
Ras Al Khor, Near Al Abbar Road, Al AweerDubai, UAE 30597
Near Al Fajr Est, Ras Al KhorDubai, UAE 120489
Bhnd Ajman City Centre, Al ZahraAjman, UAE 9307
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About Structural Steel

Structural steel is a form of steel that is made into specific shapes and sizes to be used as a building material. Some of the shapes are I beams, Z shapes, Hollow structural steel (HSS), L shaped, C beam or C cross section, T cross section and so on. The most commonly used shape is the I beam. Structural steel gives the architect the freedom to create any complex design as it can be accomplished and built. The creative complex designs that are made possible with the use of structural steel also enhance the aesthetic quality of the building. The advantages of using structural steel are varied. From reducing the duration of construction to high strength and low cost to innovation and reliability and efficiency, it is preferred by builders and designers. It also brings with it the option to modify a building that has already been constructed. Sometimes the buildings that are built may need to be modified to accommodate more weight or there might be a requirement for stairs or space for machinery. These modifications are made easy with low costs. These buildings are also lighter and hence the building does not require a costly foundation. The easy availability and the advantages it has over reinforced steel makes it a sought after building material. In UAE, Al Qusais industrial 1 and Al Qusais industrial area 3 in Dubai are the most popular destinations in UAE to purchase and to get in touch with manufacturers who deal with structural steel.