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Hassantuk Fire Alarm Monitor in UAE

About Hassantuk Fire Alarm Monitor

HassanTuk Fire Alarm Monitor in UAE

Haasantuk is nothing but a smart centralized fire alarm monitor system that operates with the support of artificial intelligence technology. Hassantuk in Arabic means "protect you" is designed to improve the safety of the people thus making UAE as one of the safest countries to live. As the ministry has linked the emergency lines of residential and commercial building to civil defence operation center. The operations of Haasantuk fire alarm monitor system works in such a way that it first creates the alarm for the occupants to evacuate from the location. It then sends signal to the operator monitoring the fire report. immediately the alarm receiving center confirms the genuine status of the alarm within next 120 seconds. Soon after confirmation the signal is then transferred to the nearest civil defence center and service control rooms to immediately send assistance to the location. The system also maps the exact location of the fire and plots the fastest route to reach the place. All the residential and commercial clients can be registered with Haasantuk fire alarm monitor system. Listed here are the leaders of supplying and distributing Haasantuk fire alarm monitor.