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Fire Alarm Systems in UAE

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Keep your premises safe with our state-of-the-art fire alarm systems. Our reliable solutions ensure early detection and prompt notification in case of fire. Contact us for a consultation today.

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Our company specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of fire alarm systems for commercial and industrial buildings. We prioritize safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations in our services.

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Stay alert and safe with our advanced fire alarm systems. Our range includes options for various industries and applications, all designed for reliable and timely detection of fires. Contact us for customized solutions.

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About Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems in UAE are used in hospitals, libraries, corporate offices, and domestic homes to alert the occupants of the building and prevent potential fire accidents. Most systems are connected to sprinklers and fire extinguishing equipment which automatically get activated in the event of an accident. These alarms are used to alert the occupants of the building and notify fire and safety authorities. Fire detection systems are equipped with a smoke detectos and fire alarm control panel which displays information about alerts and is programmed to make rapid decisions in the event of a fire accident.

A typical fire alarm system comprises a cabinet, primary power supply unit, control electronics, visual interface, input interface control, output termination and monitoring. The main function of this unit is to monitor each circuit zone and identify any abnormal condition. There are two types of fire alarm systems that are collective and addressable. A collective system comprises of one or more circuits, with detectors connected in parallel, when current on the circuit increases due to alarm operation the alarm signal is received. Some examples of fire alarm systems are heat detectors, flame detectors and different types of smoke detectors such as carbon monoxide smoke detectors, ionization smoke detectors, photoelectric smoke detectors, and combination smoke detectors and alarm mechanism. Some popular types of flame detectors are optical detectors, UV detectors, and infrared detectors. Some fire alarm systems are directly connected to the local fire brigade service. Some popular places to find fire alarm systems in UAE are Muroor road, Musaffah and Khalidiya.

Fire Alarm System in UAE

Detecting the fire plays a major role to alert the people and helps to prevent damage. The fire alarm system has seen many advancements in recent days. A photoelectric smoke alarm is the most recommended fire alarm system in recent days. Here are the business listings and contact details of top fire alarm system suppliers, dealers and distributors in the UAE. There are many types of fire alarm systems. Heat detectors, smoke detectors, multi-sensor detectors and manual call points detect the fire and activate the fire alarm to notify the people around.

Honeywell intelligent addressable fire alarm system - XLS140

Fire alarm control panel with SLC loop
Main circuit board with display transformer
Jumpstart screws and cables
15.2 inches height
12.8 inches width
11.50lbs weight
Red colour.

Howler fire alarm system with a push button

Battery-powered fire alarm system
Push On/ Push off button version
Distinctive and user-friendly design
Product: Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System
Float rate: 27.6 V.

Velox fire alarm system

TCP/IP integrated fire alarm system
LED screen enabled fire alarm control system
Available current for external load: 500mA
Product weight: 6 Kg
Dimension: 410*140*120mm
Red and White Color.

Hassantuk fire alarm system

Smart AI-enabled fire alarm system
Battery-powered alarm system
Dimensions: 150*117*53mm
Humidity range: 1.2Ws
Temperature range: 10-50C.

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